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MAGFest 8: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2010


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Bwahahaha, so aweseom!




There is no font large enough to express my excitement.

I wonder if he'll object to me bringing like 6 games for him to sign.

And then punching him for causing me to nearly fail my midterms when Civ3 was released. KF

(Oh yeah, The Megas & Entertainment System are back, and we get to see Select Start and The OneUps too. All even awesomer.)

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BTW Cerrax & nonsensicalexis: Would it be possible to carpool with you 2 (or vice-versa) from Pittsburgh? I'll be going down the 31st and come back Sunday the 3rd.

I would love to...only problem is me and Cerrax are both staying until the 4th. It's totally fine if you want to carpool on the way there, but you'd have to find another way back on the 3rd or something.

Also, I can't believe they got Sid Meier! That's so freaking awesome.

The only way this could get any better is if they announce that The Protomen will be playing...I might just fall over in excitement if they are there.

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Jimmy JUST posted that :P

Was this staged? Either way, hilarious.

Yes, the video was completely staged. From what I hear, Kroze's lines were recorded from a phone conversation from inside PF Chang's.


Yeah, Sid's a pretty cool dude. His son, Ryan, has been there for the past two years.

I must challenge Mr. Meier to a round of Civ 2

Good luck with that ;)

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Hotel rooms: Depends (the room itself runs about $100/110 per night)

Food: I'd keep $75 just to be safe, since people like to eat out at least once - you probably would spend less though

Registration: $40? Details on magfest.org

CDs & stuff: ??

Alcohol: Depends on how much you drink

Transportation: ??

I'll leave you to fill in the details.

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plan on two meals a day, with two 'snacks' - drinks or munchies. that'll give you headroom for if you go out or if you go to a grocery store and eat in a cafeteria, like my room has done several years in a row.

bring money for merch. there's always cool stuff to find, like my awesome stuffed 1up mushroom i found two years ago =)

if you split a room for three nights with three other people, it costs 75$ a pop.

edit: pre-regged! and a shirt!

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Pre-regged! I'll probably be staying either at home in Northern VA and drive up, or be crashing at Prophet Orwell's since he lives in Baltimore (near Level 99's). I'm kinda cross-posting from what I said in the MAGFest transportation etc thread, but I'd be willing to take up in a hotel room if someone's looking for a warm body, and alternatively my parents are cool with someone crashing at our house - but that may be Prophet Orwell, unless I'm in Baltimore with him. So it's all tentative beyond the fact that I'm going and excited to be!

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