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MAGFest 8: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2010


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Place: Hilton Mark Center (5000 Seminary Rd./Alexandria, VA) - just southwest of Washington, D. C.!

Time: January 1st through January 4th

Websites: http://www.magfest.org / http://twitter.com/MAGFest

So who's already looking forward to M8? For those who haven't been to, much less heard of MAGFest, it formerly was the Music and Gaming Festival. It is host to 24 hour gaming, concerts, and a host of panels and other interesting things. In addition, it is chock full of people connected to the video game music rearrangement community, as well as people who frequent OC ReMix - during M6 we had an incredible number of people from the community gathered together with around 30 of us having dinner together at Fridays alone for an example. It is definitely the place to be if you want to meet many of the people involved in video game music rearrangements, as well as many others!

In addition, this also provides the perfect time for a bunch of OCRers to spend New Years Eve together for the interested.

Definite Attendees:



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What the hell is this MAGfest bullshit?

This place must suck ass and I hear the staff that work this thing are stupid as hell (Including that one guy who runs that new department of theirs "Media Operations")!

Whats even worse is I hear this year for a guest they have some washed up youtube star who got e-famous over making a crappy parody series off a stupid children's tv show!

How much more lower can this convention sink?!?!?!?!

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Ahoy! Ye can be putting me on the list o' peoples what be definitely attendin'. [i will definitely be attending, if that wasn't clear]

if i manage some kind of break before december we will be there but as of now we are too broke to eat :/

This be sadder news than a tavern out o' grog. Maybe next year? KF

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