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Super Mario Z

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I love all the creative attacks/combinations that he thinks about, it's crazy.

IIRC, the best part of the 8th episode was when Luigi used the Tanooki to turn into stone, then I think he was hurled at an enemy, then Yoshi swallowed him and turned him into an egg, Mario used his hammer to hit the egg at enemies and Luigi broke out of the stone form to hit 'em.

Some crazy good, fast-paced stuff in this series :-)

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Everytime that I've seen pics or read a description of this it seemed really gay.

Is it like a really long anime style story

is it full of sprite fights

or both?

Pretty much both. The true star of the show is the extremely skilled flash animation involved.

That and if you like Mario and Sonic then it's hard not to like.

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It's basically the same, the battles all utilize DBZ sound effects and draw on several other DBZ conventions as well, but the combat is fast paced and relatively creative. I've liked the series, because the story line is at least tolerably well thought out as opposed to some of the other crossover flashes I've seen. I also like VG exiles as well, I'd recommend you check out one of them, judge for yourself. 6, 7, and 8 are all good ones.

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I've been following this since... Episode 5 or so came out. Don't really remember. I just know I almost tuned out after the first episode being it was fairly slow paced from what I remember.

Anyways, the Axem Rangers battle was probably my favorite by far quickly followed by the Yoshi/Mecha fight in.. Episode 2?

EDIT: Okay, just watched episode 8. Where does this guy come up with these fighting combination? I know I recognized some of Ken's Street Fighter special attacks, but beyond that I'm simply in awe.

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Just watched all 8 for the first time. I think MK vs SF 2 and 3 are still the standard for these over-the-top DBZ-style animations, and I get the feeling they were a big influence for SMBZ. Really really good production values on this, except for the sometimes horrendous dialogue.

Some love for AmIEvil in Episode 7!

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I've been following it since Ep.6. My impressions as a writer and an amateur animator:

Storyline leaves a little to be desired but isn't actually bad in any respect. It's a bit predictable and the pacing is inconsistent.

Dialogue leaves a lot to be desired; as a writer, some of the dialogue is just... ugh. Not a fan of this part.

Animation quality is superb for sprite animations. Aside from a few small things each episode, the animation is fluid and natural-looking (that said, this is after Ep.5; prior to that it was a bit less impressive, though still pretty good).

I watch it mostly for the animation itself.

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I've known about the series way before this thread, and it is amazing.

Same for me. Now, the animator himself (Alvin-Earthworm), I don't care much for. I think he suffers from a bad 'tude. Still, every new episode he makes gives me enough feelings of forgiveness to tide me over.

You know, he gets the character's personalities juuuust right! The fights are tense, spastic, and deliciously over the top. The humor is charming and occasionally lol-worthy. And, except for episode 7's exposition-fest, he usually finds a good balance in the dialogue. Just can't get enough of this series.

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Haha, I love Episode 8 (which just came out on New Grounds)

I love Fire Sonic.

It just doesn't feel the same with the hand drawn close ups...

it really defeats the purpose of a sprite show.

And the story... well... there's no point in critiquing the story, guys. It's supposed to be a DBZ parody.

And the sprite animations are top notch in this episode. So fluid and quick, I was practically laughing with excitement.

When Stuffwell said "Do a barrel roll!!!" I practically screamed "AWESOME!!!" (you can ask Shariq as an ear witness)

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