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OCR01141 - Final Fantasy VII "Sweeter Than Honey"

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First off, I would like to say, BRILLIANT work...

The honey bee manor was my favorite FF7 song by far. I used to tell my friends that it and Gold Saucer (and I still do) were/are my favs.

when i saw that there was an arrangment of Honeybee manor ... I was like DEAR GOD !!!! YES!

Anyways I was really looking forward to seeing someone elses interpretation of this work. (I have my own... but it is much more straightfoward read: Duplicate but for orchestra)

I am WOWED by the depth of the song's interaction between the different sections. The progression is VERY pretty. Some of the passages seem a little empty, but i must say the emptyness is very very sexy, because its always satisfying to hear the stuff come back in, so subtly and much to my expectations of any accepted OCR honeybee manor... this RULES :)

And I typically hate the FF7 soundtrack so someone mixing a song i too like makes me smile on the inside. I think what im saying is that i want to make sweet love to you, you know in your heart that we are meant to be together! do you want flowers? I can do that!

::sigh:: It took that orchestrated one winged angel that they used in the to change my opinion of that song... I really couldnt stand the original. (and im starting to grow weary of my OWA mix.) and yes I still hate the original, more so now for having heard the orchestral one.

Anyways ... Excellent and soothing work. It doesnt really bring to mind a burlesque house, but it certainly does its job to be pretty.

Keep writing :)


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until yesterday i couldnt believe that this song can be make in this way, i think this remix most surprised me of all FF VII remixes here :D

great work, i saw the titel and listened the remix, but i had to listen the remix 2 times again until i find out it is the honeybee song

(ok the remix sounds like the honeybee the first time i heard it, but it took 2 times more of listing the remix until i could believe it :D )

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I liked the arrangement, and have no problems with the way the music was put together, and on top of that Honeybee Manor is not an oft-remixed tune, so it was nice to see someone attempt it.

However, half the song was so quiet and muffled-sounding I could barely hear it, using the volume settings with which I can hear the rest of my remixes just fine. Basically, the technical presentation just didn't seem up to OCR standards.

Good for a one-time listen, but it won't go in my playlist unless it's redone with passable audio.

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I loved the honeybee manor song, I don't know why so many people hated it. I thought it was great.

The prescense of alot of different, annoying, MIDInoises made it quite painful, so I can concur with people about that at least.

For this song, WOW. Feels like I´m dancing around in a beehive with small fairies and flowers around me, and THAT IS real sweet. Beautiful flutes, strings, harps and other mellow and cushy stuff. The trumpets may have given this mix some sort of MIDI sound, but I feel that almost every trumpets sounds like that, so it´s the MIDIs that sounds real, not the real that sounds MIDI.

Buck, you better go back to that beach house, cause I want more of these coming. Very beautiful.

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I like the variety in atmosphere that's presented here. You've got some really light, quiet moments that build to something more majestic and outgoing. I don't remember the Honeybee Manor theme too well, but this mix definitely lives up to its name as well as the atmosphere of the Honeybee Manor from the game itself.

I do sort of have to concur with Instrument of GAWD in that it does try a bit too hard in some places with trying to portray "epicness", however, if that was not the intention, then this mix is overall a good salute to the original. Keep it up, Will!

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Took a simple, out-of-the-ordinary, catchy track and turned it into an ordinary, epical, dull remix. Sorry but it's just too "WOW IT'S EPIC!" for me.

I love how I completely disagreed with that back when I first heard the mix. I thought Will took a completely bleh, unmemorable original and turned in into something good. Too quiet, but otherwise a solid track.

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I gotta agree with Larry on this one, I thought the original track was kindof ass. This track just proves that the source was good, just buried under a lot of junk. It needs some normalization, and some of the samples are on the weak end, but overall it works well, and has a lot of cool bits to keep things interesting.

Several of the passages are very pretty, and the ending chord progression is sublime. I think this arrangement with better samples would be completely jaw-dropping, but as is, it is still very very nice.

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Honeybee Manor is an awful song. It characterizes the worst aspects of early video game music, being both bland, repetitive, obnoxious, overly chirpy and frustrating all at the same time. In truth it is a blight on the FF7 soundtrack which is otherwise superb.

I dare you to go search out the song on the internet and listen to it from start to finish (really, really listen to it, don't put it on in the background, sit there and close your eyes and experience nothing BUT the music).

Therefore Will Buck should be credited for lifting this awful piece of filth out of the gutter. Not only has this song become serviceable, it now has it's own 'journey', a little muddy in places by for a remix 8 years old now that may be forgivable.

It's a little too quiet, there are a few moments when it begins to rise and I wish it would just go that extra mile to lift you out of your seat, but overall volume isn't the killer.

Purists might complain that though it was irritating the original song was at least engaging and cheerful, whereas this remix borders on the dull. Not so; there is a lot of delight to be had in here, that the song patiently and slowly teases out like the rising sun.

Not recommended for guitar enthusiasts or people who depend on the pounding drums to keep them awake in their mix, but perhaps this is one for people who appreciate beautiful simplicity in their music.

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Haha, Protricity totally nailed this one. I agree too, the original was terribly dull and in-your-face.

This remix does feel too quiet at 0:36 - 1:36, but if the volume were pumped up by, what, 2 dB, then it might be the right volume. The mixing itself is just fine, though.

1:49 is not too quiet; I actually like that breakdown a lot. :D

Aside from that, well, the rest is awesome. Ten thumbs up for turning *that* source into this remix. :D

Oh wait. I don't have ten thumbs. Hey, guys? Lend me your thumbs! >:o

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01141 - Final Fantasy VII "Sweeter Than Honey"

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