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Do you play as a male or female in a game, given a choice?


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In fighting games, I play whoever's stats I like best, though that's often females because I prefer speed over power (Chun Li, Samus, and Seung Mina FTW).

Samus in what game? I don't remember her ever being a particularly fast character unless you mean ZSS in brawl

I'm kinda the same way though, I haven't played as many traditional fighting games but I think I play more females in them than other genres

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I play Male characters when I'm in an MMO - for my main character. This is what everyone gets to know me as, and everyone refers to me by this toon.

Alts are free and open games for female characters.

Single player games, i usually always play females. Why? I prefer looking at something pretty than looking at a male toon for hours and hours of playtime.

(eg. I usually have Tifa and Yuffie in ff7, Terra/Celes in ff6, Rena in so2:2nd, amazon/sorc in d2)

I also usually have set names for most of my characters. Main is always a variant of Melchior (Melichor). Alts usually go the Gandalaran route (Rikardon, Tarani) or the D'Arnath path (Seriana).

Except on steam MMO games, and messageboards. Then it's simply JadeAuto, all the way.

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Funnily enough had a conversation similar to this the other day.

The only real place this becomes a question/issue for me is WoW; as any other game I play the gender isn't the subject, it's the skills/abilities they bring to the table. Anyway, that aside.. My WoW characters are almost all female. Few simple reasons...

A) I play Alliance side. Alliance males look AWFUL. I made the dreadful mistake of making a male draenei mage. Not sure what the hell I was thinking, but it's there.

B) Fantasy games tend to make male figures completely disproportionate. Male humans for example look like they've got trucks attached to their torso instead of arms. Why?

C) Facial expression/options. I know, I know. It's not all that often you see the front-side of your character, but I used to have a male night-elf druid, and I got so sick of every facial option looking like the guy had a large invasive object lodged in his ass.

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Hmm...I think in a game where the character has to be like my avatar, I tend to pick a female. Like in an MMO (I play FFXI.)

But if it's a single-player game where you get story based on your character's identity, I'd rather play as a guy so I have something to fangirl about. Plus it seems like in a lot of games the males have more interesting backstories (to me anyway.)

...Although, I was very tempted to make a male Elvaan in FFXI and just hit on dudes constantly. >:3

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