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Guess the video game character!


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Note: I'm putting this here in Community since this is game related, so I *think* this would be the right spot for this kind of thing. If not, apologies in advance. ^_^;

I thought it'd be fun to have a thread in which everyone can draw video game characters and other people guess what characters they are. They can be well known characters or characters from lesser known games. The style of art can be done in any medium any way. Digital, pencil, MSPaint, abstract. The point is to have fun, basically, not churn out masterpieces (so no using the "I can't draw" excuse! :P).

I'ma start it out with 3 characters.


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Are you sure? Looks orange-ish to me. I think it could be Clyde.

Maybe Blinky and Clyde's bastard offspring, Clinky?


No. 1 kind of looks like Sothe from Fire Emblem.

No.1 isn't Sothe. But! The Pac Man ghost is supposed to be Blinky, and looks red on my screen.

Clinky should totally be a new Pac Man ghost.

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2 is a Pacman ghost definately... 3.. Looks like Mia from the first Lunar.. I think anyway.

You know, it *does* look like Mia. In spite of... not being Mia. ^^ I might have done a bad job trying to depict that one. Couldn't find official art and just went with my memory of the sprite.

1 has to be that guy called Lyle from Phantasy Star 3.

Wow. You, sir, are my new hero. I wasn't sure anyone would get that one, but you totally did. XD

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I have been playing Phantasy Star 3 for like the past two months now:-P

Going to finish it for the first time.


I tried playing it before, but I was being cheap with the save states and trying to play through ever generation scenario at the same time. I ended up screwing up my system and erasing my data and.. yeah. I never went back to it after that. But I totally should. It's a reeeally dated game but otherwise pretty unique. The music was pretty nice too. Except the battle themes...

Anyhoozle, I doodled another to be guessed. This one should be easy.


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