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Heroes vs. Villains (OC ReMix vs. The Bad Dudes) - History


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So it begins...

The Bad Dudes and OverClocked ReMix Present


Talked to djpretzel and Liontamer at MAGFest -- It's a go. I want a clean fight. No orchestral foo foos, no slow jams. This is balls to the wall. The Good Guys versus the Bad Guys. And we're the Guys to do it.

Let's do TWO DISCS ONLY (80 mins per disc). Let's break it down like:


BEFORE WE START CLAIMING TRACKS: We all need to come up with potential good guys and matching bad guys. There can be multiple themes from which to pull as in these examples:

LINK: Hyrule Theme (Zelda III version, Zelda IV version)

GANON: Battle with Ganon (Zelda III), last battle fights from Ocarina, last dungeon from first game, etc.)

MEGA MAN: almost any MM Title Screen


It's going to help if everyone uses MIDI in some facet as we're going to be big on quality control on this one. We don't want to leave anyone behind, but with only two discs, there will be cuts, re-writes, and maybe even a reboot of the series (e.g. tag "Begins" on the end of it). QA is a must with the Bad Dudes and OverClocked ReMix's names on the cover (we're hoping to press up some discs).

So let's get to it. If you've wanted to be a Bad Dude, now's the time to show your stuff. If you just make foo foo orchestra shits but want to get on, team up with a rockin' dude and do it up all orchestra rock or whatever. If you're all Dale North Christmas Morning-like, GTFOoH. Let's get to work. I want this out at next MAGFest. All questions will be answered when I'm done with your mother.

UPDATE 2010.01.23

Thanks to BardicKnowledge and Larry Oji for this compiled list.

Here are the rules:

1.) By popular demand, the Bad Dudes will do the Villains disc.

2.) Bad Dudes will pick out their tracks, leaving that corresponding Hero available to an OCR regular.

3.) OCR regular will respond, especially if "called out" by a Bad Dude.

4.) In the event no OCR regular picks a Hero to match a Bad Dude, suggestions will be taken from that Bad Dude, and/or an OCR regular "challenging" a Bad Dude to a series of his/her choice.

Here are your sources. Start picking!

[Ace Attorney] Phoenix Wright / Godot or Dahlia

[Adventures of Bayou Billy] Bayou Billy / Godfather Gordon

[Altered Beast] Centurion / Demon God Neff

[battletoads] Battletoads / The Dark Queen

[beyond Good & Evil] Jade / The Domz

[bust a Groove] Hiro / Robo Z

[Castlevania] Simon Belmont / Dracula | SnappleMan / Ailsean

[Cheetahmen II] Cheetahmen/Dr. Morbis (o.k. I don't really know how this one'll work out but still...)

[Chrono Trigger] Crono / Lavos

[ChuChu Rocket!] ChuChus / KapuKapus

[Comix Zone] Sketch Turner / Mortus

[Contact] Terry / Mint

[Day of the Tentacle] Purple Tentacle / Red Edison

[Donkey Kong Country] Donkey Kong / K.Rool

[Double Dragon] Billy and/or Jimmy Lee / Shadow Master

[EarthBound] Ness / Giygas

[Fatal Fury] Terry Bogard / Geese Howard

[Final Fantasy V] Bartz/Exdeath

[Final Fantasy VI] Locke / Kefka

[Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance] Ike/Black Knight

[Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland] Tingle / Uncle Rupee (I'm pretty sure not much people here completed this :P )

[F-Zero GX] Captain Falcon / Black Shadow

[God of War] Kratos / Zeus | Brandon Strader / ktriton

[Ghouls 'N Ghosts] Arthur / Firebrand

[Gitaroo Man] U-1/Gitaroo Man / Zowie

[Grim Fandango] Manny Calavera / Hector Lemann | djpretzel / ???

[Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure] Henry (Pompous Adventurer's Club Theme/Adventure Awaits) vs. Weaselby (Dirty Tricks/Weaseljuice)

[Kid Icarus] Pit / Eggplant Wizard

[Kingdom Hearts] Sora / Xemnas or Xehanort

[killer7] Harman Smith / Kung Lao (erh, don't know if there are character's themes in the soundtrack...)

[Kirby] Kirby / King DeDeDe | halc / Bladiator

[Knights in the Nightmare] Maria's Theme / Melissa's Theme

[Langrisser II] Erwin / Kaiser Bernhardt

[Lost Vikings] Vikings / Tomator

[Maniac Mansion] Bernard / Dr. Ed

[Mario] Mario / Bowser | McVaffe / Mustin

[Mega Man] Mega Man / Dr. Wily | Another Soundscape / JigginJonT

[Mega Man X] X / Sigma

[Metal Gear Solid] Solid Snake/Liquid Snake/Revolver Ocelot

[Metroid] Samus / Mother Brain | BigGiantCircles / Mazedude

[Monkey Island] Guybrush Threepwood / LeChuck | OA, Audio Fidelity, & Abadoss / Diggi Dis

[Ninja Gaiden] Ryu / Jaquio

[No More Heroes] Travis / Jeane or Henry

[Okage Shadow King] Ari / Belioune

[Okami] Amaterasu/Orochi/Yami

[River City Ransom] Alex and Ryan / Slick

[shadow The Hedgehog] Shadow/Black Doom

[shantae] Shantae/Risky Boots

[shining Force II] The Shining Force (Sir Astral) / The Devil Kings (Zeon)

[sonic the Hedgehog] Sonic / Dr. Eggman | Malcos / Dale North

[starCraft] Terrans / Zerg

[star Fox] Fox McCloud / Andross

[street Fighter II] Ryu / Sagat | zircon / posu yan & Joshua Morse

[street Fighter III] Alex / Gill

[streets of Rage] Axel / Mr. X

[super Mario Bros. 2] Mario / Wart

[super Mario RPG] Geno / Smithy

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Turtles / Shredder | bLiNd / danimal cannon

[Tetris] L-Block / Square (Theme A / Theme B?) - Tengen / Nintendo?

[Tetris Attack] Yoshi / Bowser

[Threads of Fate] Rue / Doll Master or Valen

[Viewtiful Joe] Joe / Jet Black

[X-Men] X-Men / Magneto (Sega Genesis)

[Yoshi's Island] Yoshi / Baby Bowser or Kamek

[Ys] Theme of Adol / Theme of Dark Fact

[Zelda] Link / Ganon | José the Bronx Rican / zyko

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Just a quick clarification, in light of our recent project moratorium:

  1. Mustin did talk w/ Larry and I about this at MAG, prior to the moratorium
  2. He's been planning it for a long time
  3. We're still trying to get our shit together and put some more structure around the whole project process, but we didn't wanna crap on Mustin's parade and close this thread or anything like that.
  4. Sounds like a baller project; awesome that we can join forces officially!

That is all!

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I'm definitely interested, but, seeing as how I am a "foo foo orchestral" type guy, I may just watch.

By the way:

Guybrush Threepwood VS. LeChuck... [secret of Monkey Island] (Come on, hot reggae/calypso action!)

Donkey Kong VS. K.Rool...

L-block VS. Square...


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Count me in somewhere

I might have to show you something else besides my fluffy orchestra music tho

EDIT: btw, is the same artist doing the hero and villain remixes?

I think it's one to one - one OCR person for a hero or boss track, and a Bad Dudes person for the other mirror track.

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I think it's one to one - one OCR person for a hero or boss track, and a Bad Dudes person for the other mirror track.

Nah, it's up for grabs for whatever. I don't think anyone should work on more than one track, though, considering the space limitation and the amount of talent. And it's not restricted to BD being BG and OCR being GG or anything. S'all good up in the hood.

I'll compile the list of suggestions tomorrow, unless someone else wants to keep a running list for me.

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Though I'd prefer TMNT IV personally. Much better soundtrack.

LOL I just opened my gaming closet and told Jordan... "THE SHREDDER THEMEEE COME ON!" I'm such a kool wife. ::shrugs shoulders:: Heh.

He's more of a TMNT III fan though... I'm more TMNT IV just like you. =P

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Wow, as a huge fan of both Bad Dudes and OCR this is one hell of an awesome project theme.

Could maybe take the Mega Man part a step further and do an X (or Zero) vs Sigma type thing, then again there may not be room on a shortish album like this. At the risk of opening a huge can of worms there are obviously a ton of FF heroes and villains that could be chosen, and perhaps Chrono/Lavos.

Is it just coincidence that this is being announced around the same time as Survivor:Heroes vs Villains? :lol:

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If it's heroes versus villains you want, here are some well-known and not so well known cool tunes:

for Maria the Valkyrie vs.
for Melissa the Dark Angel in Knights in the Nightmare (though some might say the real villain is


-Castlevania, of course


-Edgeworth is not a bad dude, he's a rival. These two are the true bad dudes (but in Godot's case, he's a bad enough dude to rescue the president)

from the Ace Attorney Series

Unlock the Real Me for Terry, and, uh, well, 'VS Mint 1' for the bad... girl of the game, Mint. You know, from Contact, for the DS! Right? Eh?

Yeah, no one played this game, and not one would remix music from it.

Though, if this ever does get off the ground, and I get good at remixing, I'd like to try my hand at remixing a song or two from this awesome and overlooked OST.

lolol cloud vs sephiroth

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yyyyyyyyeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna need someone to compile them all for me. Maybe put the game name and then the Hero and the Villain. Ex:

[super Mario Bros. series] Mario / Bowser

[Metroid series] Samus / Mother Brain

Can someone do that for us so we can have a running list of all games? Pezman, what games were those?

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Can someone do that for us so we can have a running list of all games? Pezman, what games were those?

yeah i didn't recognize any except for starcraft, which is a totally great idea, Terran and Zerg have some great motifs that are sprinkled throughout some really long arrangements. They'd be perfect for remixing.

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