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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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dustbowl is impossible to win on offense unless your team has the greatest spy in the universe


In all seriousness, I expect my new computer to arrive around June 6. For some reason, laptops tend to die after I own them for ~2 years. Which is why I got a 3 year warranty this time. :<

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Bleck, you make valid points here, but I must insist that the maps are the best maps available in TF2. Other maps are downright not fun to play because of Valve's inability to properly balance or test new game items or even understand clipping geometry (love you gamemaster!). Unless you count competetive 5 point cp maps but to be honest I have been bored of those because the game type is practically push-deathmatch.

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dustbowl is impossible to win on offense unless your team has the greatest spy in the universe

Or two Medics that can build up an Uber and take in a competent Heavy/Demo to clear out the final defense. That last point goes really fast once everyone has been killed off or pushed back. And having a good Engy/Pyro means that you should be able to set up and hold a forward base in the alley before the final point.

and goldrush is is impossible to win on defense unless you have a team of snipers getting nonstop headshots

Now this is just flat-out wrong...I can't count how many times my team hasn't even been able to finish the first stage. So long as you cover the Engies from long-range rocket barrage, that last point there is brutal to capture, since you're basically exposed the whole way to the finish. The second point on the second stage can get brutal too if the defense knows what it's doing, and the final final point tends to get bottlenecked in that alley leading to the final open area.

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Hot on the heels of my return, we have:

A required update for Team Fortress 2 is now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive the update. The specific changes include:

- Added the Magicka promotional item

- Fixed the targetID panel not drawing in first-person spectator mode

- Fixed the main menu showing through the shopping cart menu when running at 2500x1600

- Updated some of the tips that are displayed while the server is changing maps

- Updated the webapi output to include the names of the attached particles

- Updated the gamehaptics.txt file

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Welcome back, Powerlord. Sucks about the power outage.

Anyone know anything about the Magicka item? Haven't seen anything about it yet, and I actually have the game. Might finally get a promotional item for once.

Filenames from the server updater imply Demoman hood of some sort.

Also, the Demoman model was updated, no idea why.

Full list of model/textures updated (skipping the boring server files):

23.32% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/materials/backpack/player/items/demo/demo_hood.vmt

23.32% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/materials/backpack/player/items/demo/demo_hood_large.vmt

23.34% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/materials/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood_blue.vmt

23.37% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/materials/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood_red.vmt

28.26% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.dx90.vtx

53.85% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.mdl

54.15% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.phy

64.64% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.vvd

64.76% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.dx90.vtx

64.83% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.mdl

64.90% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.phy

65.28% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.vvd

70.11% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/demo.dx90.vtx

89.31% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/demo.mdl

89.61% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/demo.phy

100.00% downloading ./event/orangebox/tf/models/player/demo.vvd

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He read the Book of Medications. It is a chapter in the TF2 Bible.

Chapter 17, Verse 22 - 24:

"22Lo, and behold: These are truly signs that the end of times are near. 23When Demoman walk the earth in hoods marked with false marks. 24You will know that the spam is coming."

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The Magicka hat is connected to Magicka's newest DLC: Nippon. You can get a good look at it on the store page.

I... kinda want it.

I... also would need to have Magicka first.

I wish you would've mentioned this 2 monrhs ago. I purchased a four pack and needed to fill a fourth slot.

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