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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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So what names do Peoples stuff have.

Grenade Launcher: Brushfire's Kung-Fu Treachery

Description: But Black Dynamite... I sell Drugs to the Community!

Stickybomb Launcher: Brushfire's Scottish Situation

Description: For when shooting lightning from your arse just isn't enough.

Bottle: Brushfire's Wine of the Western Wilds

Medic Mask: Brushfire's Bloody Blood Blocker

Description: Now with Oxi-Clean Action!

Iron Curtain: Brushfire's Bronislava Blaster

Description: Zordon kept this one from the Rangers, since overkill is frowned upon.

Sandvich: Brushfire's Atmuh Treat

Descripition: Atmuh once defeated Lord Zedd. He deserves this tasty morsel.

KGB: Brushfire's Little Macs

Description: 0-0-5-7-3-7 Baby. Before the 5-4-2-3 for my Montage Ladies.

Rocket Launcher: Brushfire's Massively Multikiller O' RPG

Description: Did Charlie yell "VOTECRITS" at Bak Choy, or Chow Mein? Get a haircut Hippy!

Buff Banner: Brushfire's Gary Oak Standard

Description: You CAN'T ignore my girth...

Equalizer: Brushfire's Brain Examiner

Description: Seven Sages once said you can dig, dig with a shovel or a pick. I chose Pick.

Medigun: Brushfire's All Will Be Well Cannon

Description: In Raging day, in Fearful night, with strong hearts full, our soul ignite!

Kritzkrieg: Brushfire's Critical Juice Jammer

Description: Angel Grove's own Ernie's Juice Bar provided the recipe.

Syringe Gun: Brushfire's Excellent Source of Medicine.

Familiar Fez: Brushfire's Doctor Who Special

Description: I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool!

Ambassador: Brushfire's Renamon Revolver

Description: Nothing Furry about this Weapon. Only a Foxy Lady on the Barrel.

Dead Ringer: Brushfire's Dead-Guy Digivice

Description: Make 'em scream "YIFF" with this beautiful timepiece. Now engraved with Renamon insignia.

Eternal Reward: Brushfire's Jafar Blade +2

Degreaser: Brushfire's Celine Dion

Description: Blows harder than any other Canadian Popstar. Cept maybe Justin Beiber.

Back Burner: Brushfire's Artillery Cock

Description: Surprise! Your ass is stuff'd! Hudda Hudda Hu...

Flare Gun: Brushfire's Tampon Killer

Axestinguisher: Brushfire's Heat Hawk

Description: Standard issue Melee weapon for the Principality of Zeon Forces

Distinguished Gentleman: Brushfire's Rather Dashing

Description: You will NOT sass back at this council...

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Scattergun: Gilbert Gottfried's Gutbuster

Pistol: Heisenberg's handgun

Description (paraphrasing here): You've got one thing wrong...these are not bullets.

I was gonna name my Pyromancer's Mask "Spyro's Remains" but someone informed me that hats don't show up in the spectator lists for what you're holding, so no one would ever see it anyways.

Also a Bombing Run named "Tim Schafer's Scout"

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My renamed items include:

Vintage Gunslinger: Vintage Fungineer Dropper

Description: Sometimes you just need a little less gun.

Vintage Huntsman: Head Magnet

Description: Has the uncanny ability to headshot no matter where you aim!

Vintage Master's Yellow Belt: Vintage Master's Black Belt

Painted: Black

Vintage Ambassador: The Golden Gun

Description: Not actually golden...

L'Etranger: Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Description: He's tall, and he's dark, and like a shark, he looks for trouble.

Cloak and Dagger: A View to a Kill

Description: Between the shades, assassination's standing still.

Dead Ringer: You Only Live Twice

Description: ...or so it seems.

Knife: Licence to Kill (I recently fixed this, it used to be License to Kill)

Description: And you know I'm going straight for your heart!

Your Eternal Reward: Live and Let Die

Description: When you were young, and your heart, was like an open book...

Familiar Fez: Mustafa's Minion Cap

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Minigun: Nobody Puts Sasha In A Corner!

-Description: Have the time of your (very short) life!

Scattergun: Force-a-Science

Eyelander: But they'll never take... OUR PIPES

Gunslinger: It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!

I really need to get another nametag so I can name a standard shotgun.

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Rocket Launcher: Brushfire's Smuggled Miniature RPG - Each rocket supplied illicitly courtesy of the USAF and BrushFire, Inc.

Sniper Rifle: I'm So Sorry - I didn't mean to shoot you in the body. Honest!

Also goddamn it I crafted a googly gazer last night, instead of a hat :mad:

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Oh man, I got a few to share.

Degreaser - Kiyobi's Infiltrator Deterrent

Also doubles as a flamethrower

Shotgun - Kiyobi's Hostile Neutralizer

Look, it was either this or a slow burning death...

Flaregun - Gadouken

Dying by a Gadouken has got to be more humiliating than dying by a fish.

Powerjack - Kiyobi's Murder Weapon

Don't be so negative, you'll respawn soon. Positive!

Axtinguisher - Blazing Flower

(It's an inside joke)

The Attendant - Mark of the Professional Spychecker

No desc yet

Stockbroker's Scarf - Professional Spychecking Professionalism

Protecting your valuables and YOU with hysterical paranoia since 2009!

Fancy Fedora (White) - Suave Thriller

No desc yet

Your Eternal Reward - Smooth Criminal

No desc yet either

L'etranger - Annie

She's okay. What about you?

Familiar Fez - The Moroccan Mole

Whoopsie, I made a boo-boo.

(I will love you forever if you get the reference.)

Standard Knife - Baliyo

Planned desc: Excuse me, may I use your back to write something on?

Also, anybody interested in a Grenadier's Softcap? I'm kind of on the fence about keeping it or not. I was hoping to craft a Hero's Hachimaki and got this instead...

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Don't get me wrong, it's neat (and I'm keeping it!), but it's not the same as a hat!

Yes, please complain about getting one of the few Misc items in the game, one of two that the Engineer has, both of which are newish.

Oh, and it's also one of the items with alternate styles.

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Don't be bitter, it took me like a month of collecting items to make scrap to get it. I just find misc items SILLY because I usually wear my portal pin proudly/shamefully. Except the Camera Beard but that's different because everyone got like 800 of those.

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Gamemaster totally got nominated in the Best Coordinated Combat category. :nicework:

Which video?

Wait, I only see 9 videos in that category... is it just me, or do I have Gamemaster as my friend on Youtube or something, and they block my vote for it due to that?

Actually, I took a look... it's Sir Prize's version that's on the nomination list, under the name TF2 Replay: Fists of Shield (Saxxy Entry, Sir Prize Version)

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Also, anybody interested in a Grenadier's Softcap? I'm kind of on the fence about keeping it or not. I was hoping to craft a Hero's Hachimaki and got this instead...

I'd be interested, what would you want for it?

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Actually, I took a look... it's Sir Prize's version that's on the nomination list, under the name TF2 Replay: Fists of Shield (Saxxy Entry, Sir Prize Version)

I am ungodly excited about this, you have no idea. Even if we don't win Best Coordinated Effort, I'm happy that it was apparently good enough to make to the finals.

Anyway, on the topic of names and descriptions, most of my weapons are pretty well-known for their names but...

Mochan-Nagant (Sydney Sleeper)

"There's only a two letter difference between ruination and urination."

Ph.D in Bodyshoots (Sniper Rifle)

"Whether you're shot in the body or head,

One fact remains: You're still dead."

Projectile Implement of Sorrow Spreading (Jarate, formerly Urine Trouble)

"They say it's better to be pissed off than pissed on. Too bad you're both."

Bullshiv (Bushwacka, tempted to rename to the Piss D'Resistance)

"Pissed yet? You will be."

Hammerin' Sickle (Iron Curtain)

"The Soviet symbol for superior suppressive fire."

Moscow Meat Miracle (Buffalo Steak Sandvich)

"100% All-Natural Buffalownage."

Unrelenting Steel Strikers of Resistance (Fists. Of. Steel)

"Gauntlets that were tailor-made for Russian front lines."

El Kabang (Frontier Justice)

"Of all the guns in legend and song, there's none other quite as strong."

Biomechanical Babymaker (Gunslinger)


Dr. Teddimus Q. Bear (Engy Teddy)

"Ph.D in Honey and other bear-related Activities."

Ocelot (Revolver)

"It's like a bobcat or something."

Axestential Quandary (Horseless Headless Huntsman's Headcutter)

"Cursed by dark spirits with a horrible sense of humor."

I have way too much fun naming these things. It lets my horrible puns run rampant. I'm tempted to get the blue-gray slate paint for my Yellow Belt and call it the Infinite Ammo Bandanna. But then I'd need to get a second can to make my Villain's Veil match.

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