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Great moments of Videogame Engrish

Meteo Xavier

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I bought a cheap new USB gamepad for my laptop which was made in China. I didn't realize it was a Chinese product when I bought it off Amazon, so I wasn't expecting some pretty good Engrish on it.

Examples include:

- 2 axes and 10 fire buttons

- Exquisite design and comfortable handle make you handy to play

- Various colors for option

- Do not drop the controller hardly

- Do not dissambley (yeah) the controller

- Avoid high temperature and direct sumlight (again)

- Do not put liquid or other little things into the controller


Love it. Any other grand, cheesy awesome Engrish you've come across? We all know "All your base are belong to us", so what else is out there?

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I don;t know if it counts as engrish, but a friend recently received a gift from a family member who was recently overseas. China, to be exact.

It's an iPod Touch knock-off, but with an awesome back. The back casing is from an actual iPod Touch, and has the logo and "16 GB" etched onto it.

The factory sticker from the manufacturer says "2 GB".

Complete piece of Chinese knock-off shit, but the fact they went through the trouble of using actual factory casing and then putting a sticker on the device showing two very different capacities... that's just awesome.

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Pretty much the entire translation of Final Fantasy 7

More accurately, the entire translation of Final Fantasy Tactics.

My favorite:

-When fighting your eldest brother, Dykeberg, the mission objective flashes up, saying "Defeat Dykeberg's older brother!"

Also, the other I remember most clearly was Mustario (sp) saying something along the lines of "I can't stand those hypcritical arisscrats!"

no one posted the obvious one?

Looks like SOMEONE didn't read the OP.

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And I can't find a SS of it, but I'm positive Act Raiser had some in there as well.

YES it is just FILLED with Engrish, and it's hilarious :D

I've only beaten the first island so far, but the dialogue never fails to amuse. Play this game if you can! I won't say the Engrish is the BEST part of the game, but.... actually yeah, it was the best part of the game so far :3

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