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sgx + zircon featured in the new arcade game "Pump It Up Pro 2"!


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I'm excited to announce that Protagonist Records label owner, killer electronic artist and fellow OC ReMixer sgx is being featured in the upcoming dance/rhyhtm arcade game Pump It Up Pro 2! Several of my tracks will be in the game as well. PIUPro 2 is in the final stages of testing so there aren't many public vids, but here are a couple of our tracks in action:

- sgx - Tell Me a Story (Compendium Mix)

- zircon - Necromancy

Other songs of ours that you can expect to hear and play are my own Breathing You In (feat. pixie) and Photosynthesis, and possibly more from sgx as well!

You can follow news of the game here: http://piu-pro.com/. I used to play DDR and ITG a lot when I was in high school, and while I'd no doubt be awful at it today, I look forward to playing this when it comes out. The music supervisors there deserve props for looking to indie artists for music, as opposed to just Eastern artists.

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.... they came to me on this one. That's how I get most of my gigs...

In other words:

"While sitting on my yacht contemplating the meaning of my immaculate existence, clients continually beg for my favor and my music. Depending on my mood that very day, I may show them favor, but others, maybe not.

But enough of these questions. Jeeves, bring the car around. It's time for my massage."


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