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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 34: Role Reversal


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I'm gonna speak for bonzai and say tomorrow at midnight. Approximately 24 hours. She got home today, but it's the last open lab session for the semester and she'll be there all night.

Sorry for anyone who's already submitted. Feel free to rework your submission and resubmit, the most recent entry will be posted.

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hey guys

i'm really busy right now, and i don't think i can get around to posting the entries this evening either. i'll have time tomorrow evening though. sorry being afk for the past couple days. if you've already pmed me an entry, feel free to pm a different version if you want to work on it some more.

so i guess the deadline is extended to 8pm Wednesday, PST.

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If you're reading the thread linkspast, I think you voted publicly in bonzai!'s "visitor messages" instead of via PM. I did that once too ><

I like number 2 :3

My initial idea for this theme was very similar, only it was Duke Nukem and an alien playing Scrabble.

yeah.. I think thats the second time ive done that..

Crono made me lol.

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