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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

DJ Mighty

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The thing that was getting me the most was the fact you can do the double horizontal gamma charge and safely link to gamma crush. I kept thinking there was time for punish but it perfectly goes into it. Without your Zero though I wasn't too troubled. I dunno how I won some of those with some of the garbage teams I picked but I came out learning something about Hulk though and that is always good. Twas fun though.

you can pull out gamma crush whenever i get people trying to jab under it after the hitstun ends all the time

smart players usually just push block the second charge or just let you do it and then dash under

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Dave, that has to be the most awesome vox mix ever. Seriously, I never thought someone would do this.

Maybe Hideki Naganuma should have done the BGM mixes for MVC3. =D

*Waiting on newer 360 model to hit shelves, saving up for its arrival. So I won't be able to join the MVC3 party for awhile

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In addition to the new chars announced so far (Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, and Firebrand), apparently you can X-Factor in midair now.

This means that you can't chip out Phoenix on entry, which means elevates her even higher than she currently is. Best way to deal with her now is to chip her out as she comes in before she can X-Factor -- dunno what to do now.

Edit: 8 chars left to be announced, four for each brand. Thoughts/speculation? I think that we will get one of Vergil/Nero, Megaman X, and on the Marvel side we'll see Black Widow (to tie into the upcoming Avengers film) and Psylocke.

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Keits reports that the new complete roster has been leaked:

Capcom: Firebrand, Strider, Frank West, Nemesis, Phoenix Wright, Vergil

Marvel: Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nova, Rocket Raccoon

Sounds reasonable. Phoenix Wright is pretty exciting, and so is Nemesis. Don't know any of the Marvel characters except Ghost Rider. Still no Mega Man, though, which means fans will continue to be mad.

If you look at the stuff in addition to extra characters that will be included, it's really annoying. It's all a bunch of content that should have been included in the original release to begin with. I might consider picking this up used (or new if it's on clearance like SSFIV was when I got it last year). MvC3 was a good game, but I got bored with it fairly quickly. It really lacked the longevity of Mortal Kombat, which is truly saying something since, as a PS3 owner, I couldn't even play MK online for a good solid month after getting it. I don't think these additions would really encourage me to return to it.

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I'm super stoked for phoenix Wright man. So much and on the megaman thing, I personally don't care. Zero was a DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME. I know he was in Tatsunoko vs capcom but he's much better in MvC3. Megaman was always just kinda ok to me. X would be awesome for me. Imma try out some ghost rider maybe and man....Strider is back? so win

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