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Ok so I guess plagarism is cool now guys

Benjamin Briggs

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Really what seperates good sampling from bad though? For example, I thought Kanye West's sample of Daft Punk, as annoying as it was, was at the very least well done considering there was a lot more to it then the Daft Punk sample. Plus, Daft Punk didn't seem to mind at all, probably considering how much sampling they do themselves. I mean, if the criteria is essentially rapping over the sample plus some extra drums then

songs are
. The main difference seemingly being that the sample is considerably more recognizable now than the original (except for possibly the ATCQ one).

Also, really? A song from 1997? If you want to rag on lazy sampling of '80s tunes you could go with at least


As for good sampling, DJ Shadow's Endtroducing is still a landmark, but my personal favorite usage of a sample just for its "Holy shit I never would've guessed" factor is the sample Dom & Roland used from Let's Dance by David Bowie

EDIT: According to wikipedia "Puff Daddy" didn't even write the song, and not in a "of course he didn't, he sampled it" sort of way but in a "someone else actually wrote the damn sampled song" sort of way.

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my problem is with songs, like the ancient one I posted, that take that extra step and rip off the original melodies/lyrics

shaggy's "

" is a horrifying example of this crap. the verses sample "the joker" by steve miller band, and the chorus is just a blatant rip-off of "
" sung by merrillee rush

I really really really hate that shaggy song

a more recent song that displays ridiculous unoriginality is kid rock's horrible "

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Really what seperates good sampling from bad though?

dont get me wrong i will argue for the merits of sampling all day, but there are definitely times where a sample is completely gratuitous (im thinking of

that sampled eiffel 65 for no reason). i'll be missing you isn't really the best example imo.
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I know right?

Fuck these assholes.

Rip off artists. No fucking talent at all. Original artist does it so much better these guys should just quit.

Seriously terrible thread, though.

Come on, this comparison doesn't work at all. OCR does what it does with the intention of honoring the original music and talent. What's more, most of the artists here don't find tons of money and success by doing it.

The same can't be said for many of the examples posted here. Personally, I like hearing some of these examples. Also, anyone ripping on Kanye for using Daft Punk needs to listen to this:

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Oh please, none of these guys have anything on David Banner (P Diddy is pretty damn close). He takes bad sampling to a whole new level making new songs out of samples of his own god damn songs.

I have a bunch of these:

- Estelle (Ft. Kanye West) - American Boy

- Impatient by Will.I.Am.

This isn't even a sample, Estelle and Kanye just added vocals to it. >_>

- Rapping over Human Nature.

- Janet Jackson's Ventura Highway (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I0d29s6GCc source if not familiar)
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...I'm fully aware that hip-hop has been sampling other songs since the beginning of time, but this is flat-out ridiculous...

Go figure: after reading this and before following the link, I thought to myself, "c'mon, can't be worse than Puffy's 'I'll Be Missing You'..." turns out I was right. :P The punchline is that Sting endorsed it, and even performed it with them at least once.

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jason derulo - whatcha say

flo rida - right round

this trend was kinda sorta popular last year tbh.

I dunno, to me, it's just a tribute to other songs...

Does anyone have anything against:

I mean, sampling is everywhere.

The beat is from one of my favorite movie soundtracks...


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