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Stop comparing MJ to other artists.


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Even before Michael Jackson died, fans of other (highly-talented) musicians have used him as a standard of comparison. There may be a select few that can actually compare to MJ, but who, and why?

In terms of writing music alone, it's possible to say, perhaps, Quincy Jones or Stevie Wonder compare (Quincy may be better). We could go as far as contrasting MJ to classical composers, who were pioneers in their own respect. Although their music theory may be more skilled or complex, they're incomparable, and to add, MJ could easily follow their talent by ear. Otherwise, I can't think of any MODERN artist who truly outshines or even compares to Michael.


Music is the core of MJ's productions, but not the only aspect. Michael Jackson was also esteemed for his amazing dance ability, his mind-blowing videos and his ongoing inspiration. So, in order to compare anyone to MJ, you have to know what he does:

Michael's talent:

  • Singer (yes, the voice is an instrument, see below)
  • Songwriter
  • Lyricist
  • Dancer/Choreographer
  • Producer
  • Arranger/Composer
  • Performer
  • Instrumentalist (vocals/beatbox, piano, guitar, drums, keyboard)
  • Director
  • Actor

Before there are any comparisons, we first have to consider this: what did Michael Jackson do himself? Yes, at times he did cover and perform songs that others wrote, but that does not discredit him as an artist; he was simply working with others. However, here's a list of songs written by Michael Jackson.


List of people compared to Mike (by media or society):

  • Beethoven (might be better @ composition but he was only a composer)
  • Stevie Wonder (fair)
  • Prince (lol)
  • The Beatles (nah)
  • Elvis (lmao)
  • Justin Timberlake (rofl)
  • Lady Gaga (WTF)
  • Chris Brown, pre-domestic violence (R U kidding?)
  • Justin Bieber (heads will roll)

The most common comparisons are MJ vs Elvis Presley and MJ vs Prince Rogers Nelson, known as "Prince" or the androgynous symbol "O(+>"

MJ > Prince > Elvis. MJ > Elvis is self-explanatory (owned the man AND married his daughter), but MJ > Prince, though commonly known, involves a bit of knowledge. I could get to the gritty right now, however, a few sources will suffice:

Interesting links

Why MJ is really, really Bad

A BIG boo-boo on Prince's part!

Invited musician Prince, who would have had a part in which he and Michael Jackson sang to each other, did not attend the recording session.[11] The reason given for his absence has varied. One newspaper claimed that the singer did not want to record with other acts.[12] Another report, from the time of "We Are the World"'s recording, suggested that the musician did not want to partake in the session because organizer Bob Geldof called him a "creep".[13] Prince did, however, donate an exclusive track, "4 The Tears In Your Eyes", for the We Are the World album

Point: maybe someday, but right now, no one touches MJ.

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Everyones going to compare everyone to MJ, he's one of the musicians thats set the standard for all the music we listen too. The same goes for The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley etc.

He's going to be compared with all the most popular musicians of all time and those that are currently headlining all the media and music charts because he's done the same before or after them.

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I can't think of any MODERN artist who truly outshines or even compares to Michael...maybe someday, but right now, no one touches MJ.

Bob Dylan. He was a natural at composing popular music. Granted he's not the greatest singer in the world, and even he's had his controversies, but he still counters the fact that (dare I say it) Michael Jackson's not... that... great.

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On the contrary of popular belief, having multiple professions doesn't qualify as talent. If the person is good at everything, that is a different matter. Not really his biggest listener, but I'm sure "Jacko" pioneered many things that made him supposedly great. He was a man that truly worked hard in what he did, whether it was his music or his dancing. He was an honest worker who deserved his fame and fortune.

Still, claiming he was better or comparing him with artists of older periods is pretty silly and pointless.

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And when it comes to comparing, you can compare anything to anything else.

Like apples and MJ. The comparison will be obvious, but it is still a valid comparison. Sticking to humans involved in music, the comparison is a lot more interesting. Hell, have fun and compare Mozart and MJ for a bit, you might find it interesting.

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