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OCR02093 - Final Fantasy V "Vessel of the Void"


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Exdeath is without a doubt the best Final Fantasy villain in the series.

He's just so goofy, over-the-top, and stupidly cliche'd, that you can't help BUT love him.

I mean, he's so corny, he starts off EVERY statement with "Mwah hah hah hah!"

In fact, that can be mainly said of FFV in general. Instead of the moody FFIV and the operatic/melodramatic gem that is VI, this game just tries to have as much fun as possible, and succeeds in being THE most fun FF in the entire series.

This is a great mix for a great and lovably stupid villain, with an equally cheesy and stupid name.

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Wasn't really feeling this mix.

I think the issue is that it feels like it's lacking in the polish department. It feels really dark and oppressive, which is fantastic, but also seems to lack clarity in the sound texturing. At some points I forget about what is happening with the bass as the lead just... leads on. And since there is pretty much just that one synth and some strings to accompany it, there's not really much.

Although, to be honest, this does sound about right for Ex-Death. I mean, the muddy and sometimes chaotic feeling bass representing the void, the strings representing.... yeah, you get the point.

Still, not bad. Good take on the tune, just was expecting more.


I listened to this on some headphones that cost more than 30 bucks... And now I can hear it. So yeah, I pretty much take that back, other than the part where I wasn't really feeling it. Meh, just not my thang, although the quality is awesome and it does exactly what it sets out to do.

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Pretty much the best thing to come out of The Fabled Warriors, in my opinion. While this isn't necessarily new turf for Andy, I do feel like this is one of the tracks on the album to offer something that sounded totally new in terms of sound design. Shreddage is pushed pretty far here and I think it works perfectly in context, and it works great with those screaming leads.

Gritty, aggressive, fast and hard-hitting, this is what I like to hear from Zircon :-D

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Hard, dark, evil, powerful, aggressive.....so many different ways to describe this ReMix of Exdeath. I'm open to lots of genres for ReMixes, but I really love it, especially for villain and battle themes, when the track goes all out in a fierce way, which Zircon pulls off here. Awesome DNB mix and another win for the bad guys.

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