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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010


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The Grand Maverick Remix Battle



Spiral Pegacion (Willrock) has won the X Bracket

Armored Armadillo (Txai) has won the Zero Bracket

Head over to the Social Group to check out the competition history.


The Grand Maverick Remix Battle is upon us! It's the fall season of the year 21XX, and Mavericks of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds are converging at OCR to duke it out in a battle of musical supremacy!

The GMRB is a tournament where competing remixers choose a Maverick's stage theme from any of the mainline Mega Man X games. Remixers are matched up against each other and are tasked with writing a "Versus" remix, utilizing the theme of the Maverick they've chosen as well as the theme of their opponent. Remixers are given a week to prepare their track and winners are decided by community vote. The winning remixer moves on to the next round.

I've decided to run the GMRB differently from the GRMRB; there will be no losers/revenge bracket this time around. Things got too confusing, unmanageable, and it all ended up running way too long, so we'll be doing straight-up single-elimination this time. Remixers will be grouped into two brackets: the X Bracket and the Zero Bracket, and these brackets will have their mixing and voting stages on alternate weeks (i.e. when X Bracket remixers are having their mixes voted on, Zero Bracket remixers will be working on their tracks).

If eliminated remixers wish to have exhibition matches, I have no problem with that, but they will have no bearing on the competition outcome.

Maverick selection will not be first-come-first-serve; this time around we'll be running a draft. Here's how it's going to work: if you wish to participate, please post a reply in this thread with a list of three Mavericks you'd like to claim, in order of preference. Once the draft period is over and we have enough participants, I'll randomize the list of participating remixers and assign your tracks based on preference. Hopefully each remixer posting a list of three should be enough to avoid and conflicts.

This spring's Grand Robot Master Remix Battle ended up being absolutely amazing; hopefully the Grand Maverick Remix Battle will yield similar results.

Participants are locked. We have 16 Mavericks.



Voting is open to the public. Please vote!

Please remember to cast a vote for EVERY battle taking place in the voting period, otherwise your votes won't be counted. Every battle in the week should have the same number of votes at the end of the voting period.

There are no specific rules governing how you should make your picks, but when voting, please keep in mind a couple of things:

  • How well does the artist incorporate both themes into a single piece of music?
  • How well is the remix produced/performed?
  • How enjoyable is the remix?

Finally, while it's not required, please consider leaving a small review of both tracks in the battle when casting your vote. As an artist, it's always nice to get a little feedback.


  • Songs not allowed: Sigma/Doppler/Endboss Stages, Intro Stages, etc. You need to choose a song that's associated with one of the 8 main mavericks in each game.
  • Bubble Crab and Tidal Makoeen (Duff McWhalen) will be considered the same song for the draft.
  • Any mavericks from Mega Man X5 will have their Japanese names used, because naming Mavericks after the members of Guns 'N Roses was stupid as hell and Capcom USA should be ashamed.
  • Please keep in mind that you're not picking three songs to remix; you're just giving me your first choice and two backups in case there are duplicates.
  • Don't worry if you're new. Just participate.

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Hmm... I MIGHT be able to do this, but i'd seriously need to find the time. The GRMRB took up alot of time which I might not have this time around.

double post, probably will get merged but whatever.

My three chosen tracks are:

1st choice: Slash Beast Stage (Military Train)

2nd Choice: The Skiver / Spiral Pegacion Stage

3rd Choice: Izzy Glow / Shining Hotarunicus Stage

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I'd like to participate to further improve my skills, but put me in the same shoes as Chickenwarlord. I'd rather see others with more talent than myself.

1) Overdrive Ostrich (X2)

2) Blizzard Wolfgang (X6)

3) Crystal Snail (X2)

That's what I don't get. In order to improve you have to step out the boundaries and step up to whoever you're against doesn't matter who it is. It could even be to someone you feel is musically inferior to you. This competition will help me improve, no matter who I'm up against. I recommend you guys stay; whoever doesn't enter, it's their loss =D.

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Yeah seriously. Dropping out because you don't think you can match the competition is borderline insulting yourself. I improved tremendously from the previous competition.

Seriously, when the album for it comes out you can listen to my first round stuff. It was pretty weak. But you can also notice I really improve up until I lose the revenge round against Txai because I tried going out of my comfort zone. I thought I did a good job, even though the crowd didn't seem to think so.

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Yeah neblix is definitely a prime example of an underdog coming into a contest and ultimately coming out a winner because of the major improvement he made. So you guys should definitely follow his example and stick it through =).


I didn't "WIN" the competition, but I did WIN for myself because I my skill improved a lot in that compo.

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New order of preference:

mmx3 blizzard buffalo

mmx6 commander yammark

mmx launch octopus



(I don't have time for this. And yet...

mmx6 commander yammark

mmx3 blizzard buffalo

mmx launch octopus

In order of preference... and of wannabe-ness of the mavericks' names, and in reverse order of familiarity. Let's see how this tournament goes for me. :D)

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Nothing is taken yet. That's the point of the draft. That's why you're posting three picks, not one.

Here's how it works:

1) Mixers post their top three picks in order of preference.

2) Once the participants are set, I'll take the list of contestants and randomize it.

3) I'll go through the whole list, assigning the contestant his first choice. If, after going through the list, I find that his first choice is taken, he gets his second choice, or if his second choice is taken, he gets his third choice.

Please be aware that you guys are not picking three source tunes to mix; you only get one Maverick's theme for the competition.

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