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OCR02106 - Mega Man 4 "Get a Weapon Weapon"


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I'll probably be banned for the conclusion of the review, but I don't really care anymore.

The flow is excellent! These guys know how to ride a beat. Lyrics are a little cheesy, could be a little more meaningful, and could be a little bit sharper in terms of eq-ing but the over-all feel of the track is excellent. The rhyming schemes are amazing and very very well crafted. 90s electro patches with some grimey Primo-ish sounds with a bit of a modern twist make this thing a perfect example of post-modern hip-hop sound. Nothing too fancy, but I think joecam and the Crackaz could learn alot from these guys.



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...Really? The FF IV mix was posted in friggin' July. It's October. Get over it, move on. What's wrong with you where you're this fixated over a song you didn't like?

No, no, I understand that it's cause this is another rap mix, and that one was the most recent rap mix until this one.

I also understand that there was absolutely no reason to throw shots at joe cam/crackaz after giving a decent evaluation of the mix until then. The fact that you preceded your review of this mix by saying 'Well I know this will probably get me banned...' makes it worse because it makes it seem like the nice things you were saying about this song were only being said so you could throw a shot out at someone else. That's lame.

As for this mix, it's catchy and I like the production, but something about the guy's voice isn't doing it for me. It seems similar to MC Frontalot which is what's throwing me. I've only hit up Frontalot's first CD, and that was some time ago, so I could be way off on that though. I need to give it a closer listen later.

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Uhhhh.... Yeah?

Okay, time to get my bias out of the way. The guy delivering the rap - his voice aggravates me. I don't know why. Something about the pitch or the way he delivers lines, I have the same problem with MC Frontalot. Creatively, this is pretty good, and I will echo sentiments that turning something from 7 seconds to just under 3 minutes is pretty amazing!

So, aside from the vocals, which I hate for no discernable reason, what is going on with the rest of the track? Some pretty cool work, awesome wizardry under the hood is being employed here. This is really reminiscent of the approach taken by the bad dudes for "Jingle All the Way." Very clever expansion, and the sound choices compliment the vocals pretty well. This feels very over-the-top nerdcore, and that's just cool.

*read the lyrics.* And that's pretty clever too.

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It's repetitive and catchy and silly and trying to make out the lyrics makes my head hurt. Awesome.

EDIT: Also, I would have loved to hear a second verse.

Yeah, I can't actually add anything more than this. I think a second verse is the only thing that was really missing. I wasn't fond of the guy's voice, but it wasn't overly grating, and not focusing on it and just going with the music made this catchy as hell and I really actually liked it. Weird, but cool at the same time.

I am so going to say "I got a weapon weapon" from now on when I play the MM games with my friends. It's just too funny.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02106 - Mega Man 4 "Get a Weapon Weapon"

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