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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Some dude on some DS homebrew site is trying to port Minecraft over to the DS. And so far it seems to be working.



Now I don't think the site linked above is doing ROM distribution, so that link should be within OCR rules. There is also a demo file for use with a DS flashcart in the first post.

I think it would benefit far more from being done for the 3DS, but I guess Nintendo isn't giving away dev kits for homebrewers to tinker with just yet.

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Sadly homebrew "ports" of minecraft generally always turn out to be placing blocks on premade maps (like a very early Creative mode), and not in any way a "port" of the actual game as we know it :/ Guess we'll see how far this guy goes with it, but dont get your hopes up

but I guess Nintendo isn't giving away dev kits for homebrewers to tinker with just yet.

Hope that was sarcastic. If not: Nintendo does not "give" dev kits (they sell them for thousands of dollars). Homebrewers reverse engineer the hardware and make their own SDKs (See Devkit Pro) since its illegal to use the official SDKs without a license to release the software anyways

At the current time, homebrewers have not cracked the 3DS, but give them time. Nintendo hasn't had a very solid track record on security in their consoles, but they may have learned from their mistakes with Wii/DS/DSi so it might be harder. We'll see.

It WOULD be nice if there was an official way to do your own thing like Android/iOS/XBLIG, but Nintendo doesn't even like indies that much let alone homebrew

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OCAD regular server back up and running, pregriefer by about 12 hours (sorry for any lost work). Also all plugins have been made up to date besides iconomy which was bitching at CB ver 1000. When I have the time to go through the logs to see WHICH person was the griefer, I will. Until then, please be vigilant and lock your shit.

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As far as MC names / forum names, here's the old whitelist from crowbar's server:

MC Name OCR Name
CrowbarMan Crowbar Man
Meeting_Gman Meeting Gman
JadeAuto JadeAuto
prophetikmusic prophetik
Gollgagh Gollgagh
Hylian_Lemon Hylian Lemon
Darklink42 Darklink42
FerrousCadaver Mr Bottle Rocket
mozzif Moseph
NeoForte NeoForte
HaltMusic Halt
Abadoss Abadoss
Orichalcon The Orichalcon
AngryItch phill
Superpants89 Lunar-X
Fire_Slash FireSlash
HalcyonSpirit HalcyonSpirit
blue_magic01 Blue Magic
Binjovi Binjovi
jch Brithor
The_Damned The Damned
Hemophiliac Hemophiliac
scytheful Capa Langley
upthorn ?
DrBleck Bleck
howiec92 Deep Thought
sloogs Necrotic
Nabecker210 Ectogemia
Unstablehamster Unstable Hamster
Boraxus Brycepops
Shariqansari Darkesword
Schwaltzvald Schwaltzvald
Desumetaru Tensei
Fatedreamer The Author
Mutericator The Mutericator
BD190 ?
MrNamefag ?
EBattousai ?
TehDonut ?
Tayl ?
Ketzeri ?
CreamyAle ?
Vimk ?
kiyobi ?
Kirgio ?
ninjan ?
HybridLoser ?
Torzelan ?
Brushfire TheBrushfire
Ferret Shezari
TheoryOfN ?
big giant circles biggiantcircles

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Wow. Just hopped on the OCAD server since it's been a while and was greeted to my lapis flooring and roof being hacked up and stolen out of my castle. Awesome.

Hmm might have been the griefer coming back. I'll have to check this evening. We can check the latest backup as well and see what we can get back if it HAS changed since then.

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That'd be cool. I haven't been on it a while, but when I came back into my castle I saw some dirt blocks floating where some lapis blocks used to be, so maybe it was recent? I can always give myself what I lost, but I had a good bit of work into the roof.

Griefers are dicks. Also, teach me how to protect my crap sometime.

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Griefers are dicks. Also, teach me how to protect my crap sometime.

It's not as simple as you're thinking it to be. Well, it is, but...

You can lock doors, chests, and furnaces. I also think that you can lock crafting tables too, but I doubt it.

You can either lock them to open only to you, or you can lock them to only open to a certain password...

the lock command (as you probably already know) is /cprivate (you-only) and /cpassword <password> (password protected).

However, I don't think that individual blocks can be protected, so if griefers can get in, then the lapis will be stolen again

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Well, I guess that the Knowhere area of the OCAD server is dead-

Several members of the community are gone, but as far as I'm concerned, this means their property is fair game.

(Minus the protected chests, of course)

I would message them before touching their stuff if I were you. Flik just recently logged on and his stuff was ransacked. People come in and out of Minecraft at times, and just because they aren't here now doesn't mean they won't be here ever again.

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