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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

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Earlier, I mentioned that I had found a huge cavern while digging down in Mineshaft 2. A huge cavern.

That was when I was a young, naive little man.

Tonight I dug outward from the bottom of MS2, just above the bedrock, searching for resources. I dug my way into the bottom of a network of caves. I had over 128 torches going in; it wasn't enough. I had to craft new ones in the field. I mean, seriously, I just spent the past two hours going through this one single network of caverns. It kept on going and looping and branching! And then, finally, FINALLY, I came to the end. The end, as it so happens, is the surface. That's right. I dug into the bottom of a cave and made my way up to the surface, rather than the other way around. And the entrance is HUGE! It's this giant, gaping hole in the side of a hill! How I didn't notice it before is beyond me; it's within sight of my base. Exploring that cavern was awesome. Very atmospheric. I'm glad I decided to make that trip relaxing before starting by kicking the difficulty down to Peaceful. I'm going to go back to it later to mine some more and get some obsidian before mining again in a different location with the difficulty back to Normal.

At the end of it all, I had this to haul back:

304 Coal

91 Iron

78 Redstone

30 Gold

5 Diamond

And countless Stone


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Many public servers have that option. But griefers and bots tend to wait until everyone's gone before bombing a server, so you can't always rely on an admin being around. Password-protection or account-limitations seems to the safest bet, though I'm not sure if that capability's implemented yet...

In that case, you can do what my fav server does, and place an adminium cage around the spawn for the night when no one is left.

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i think it should be a private server, like mentioned before, and that it should be a password-protected thing. we can pass out passwords through PM. all upstanding members of the community should be mods, so that we don't have to worry about not having a mod around to boot a griefer.

last night, i cleaned off the top of my mountain to be flat (except for an awesome tall pinnacle thing) and am in the process of boxing it in with cobblestone and refined stone. looks pretty sweet so far.

does anyone know how to make redstone switches? i'd like to make doors that mobs can't operate, and i'm assuming the only way to do that is to make a controlled door.

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Does anyone know how to make redstone switches? i'd like to make doors that mobs can't operate, and i'm assuming the only way to do that is to make a controlled door.

First read this article about doors (in particularly about "iron doors") then read up on the Lever, next being the Stone Button, and finally the Redstone section with the subsections on Redstone Wire, Redstone Circuitry, and finally Mechanism

Placing Redstone on a block creates a wire. Every "wired" block has two possible states: 1 (powered) or 0 (unpowered). A wire can be powered by any lever, pressure plate, stone button, or Redstone torch. Placing Redstone on top of a block that is adjacent to a powered block causes the newly wired block to become powered as well. Powered Redstone will always glow red, and will cease to flow after moving 15 blocks from its source. However, the range can be extended without limit by chaining Redstone torches (but will result in a delay).

If all wires adjacent to a torch are unpowered, the torch will provide power to them. However, if a wire connected to its block is powered by another source, the torch itself will cease to generate power and its flame will go out.

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Vanilla install right now. Looking for someone with a bit of linux console experience who'd be willing to maintain the server (Update server binary, manage admins, install mods etc), since I don't play.

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what we could do until some kind of privacy thing is implemented is adopt a "last one out lock the door" policy where the last op to leave the server uses the /save-off command so that any changes can be reverted

I'll start reading up on the linux console stuff so I can help run it in the future

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I saw a video on making powered mining carts. When I get the game, I would like to plan some sort of OCR Light Rail system between areas, like bases and mining operations.

It would really help with people trying to find diamonds and getting back to their homes.

That's right. I want to implement public transportation in a video game to mimic real life.

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I've been wanting to do the same thing, Damned. Set up a community and such, rather than just have each person go off to wherever to do their own thing all the time. (Of course you can still go do that, but then you may as well just play single-player if everyone does it.) This may be especially important when the update with the new enemies comes out.

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Soon as everyone joins they may have to go off on their own for a while as they would need to set up bases for themselves, safe houses especially if the difficulty setting is set to the highest one.

two would take on guard duty/escort missioning while the rest build/mine/craft ect.

What would be the server's building projects be anyways?

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