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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

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I see you guys liked my road, you're even expanding it to connect to your own things, which saves me the trouble of doing it myself down the line. :D

Edit: also who is Mutericator? he's in the server right now.

Learn to read the first post. You're hardly well-known yourself.


Did we REALLY just have this discussion without a single, "whose mutericator, sum noob" statement? I don't know if I'm sad or proud.

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i would be more that happy to help you with obsidian supply. ;-)

the more you can feed me, the more i can do. i'd like the entire tower in obsidian, but that'd be about a thousand blocks. so i'll settle with just one or two columns to start =)

once they get lava and fluid generation fixed (ie, buckets make source blocks and not just random blobs), i'll be topping off the tower with lava, encased in glass. it'll shine better than a fire, and look cooler.

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I think we should set up a gold exchange rate, and currency in the form of gold bricks... it seems to be a logical solution to the need for certain items and their lack of abundance. I'm sure that it would end up fair if the consensus agrees on certain prices and/or decides to impliment it... I'm talking about creating one of the first minecraft economies! (at least I think it is)

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