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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

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New thread, more organized. Dig it.

Edit: DS, I requested another thread be made so someone would update it regularly. Not saying gollgagh wouldn't. But a more organized thread.

Anyways this works too, as long as gollgagh will keep up with the latest happening and such.

Also, I'm liking this HD patch, might install it later


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capa langley, where IS your house? atlantis, i mean. i couldn't find it yesterday in spite of looking everywhere for it. found bottle rocket's, halt's, fireslash's, halcyon's, lemon's, chicken itza, and saw hybridloser from a distance, but couldn't find yours anywhere.

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Minecarts aren't ironed out in multi yet

also if you can't guess what my minecraft handle is, you probably have no business being on the internet

also also, this is what I've been working on on the Unmod server (which is also why I haven't been around) [big image]

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making a library, but styling it after ancient temples, yes

It's hexastyle instead of the parthenon's octosytle. I'm not an architecture student though so the intercolumniation is less than one diameter on the sides. I'm also bullshitting the triglyphs and making them biglyphs. The front columns are close to pycnostyle though (5 diameter, 8 intercolumniation). It is properly peripteral though.

I also have a double row of columns on the front side but I can't find the term for that.

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