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Silly remix names


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I just wanted to hear some remix names that gave some peoples a chuckle or two...one that gave me the urged to make this topic.


"That's Besaid The Point" from Final fantasy 10...gave me a little smirky wurky!

I'm not sure if this is a has been a post before

(I wouldn't because I'm the casual type here)

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Danimal Cannon's 'Fear My Lowering Coefficient Of Friction'

I'll probably post more, simply because it's amusing to find this stuff.

Noppz' 'Curse Curse Revolution'

Also Noppz' 'Nothing But A Pile Of Dance Moves'

mmkay, I'm done for now. This is actually an amusing subject, I'd like to see more!

Nothing But A Pile Of Dance Moves....is one I hold close to my heart.....very secretly

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