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3DS: Friend Codes on First Page, OMG THE THIRD DIMENSION

The Damned

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Yeah, the original Shantae is coming to Virtual Console (release date coming tomorrow), which is 3DS only (as we already know because it's Virtual Console) and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is 3DS only, because it was designed for that specifically.

I think DSiWare is getting intermittent releases still, but nothing of substantial quality as far as I'm aware. And just to be clear, there never was a chance of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse coming to DSi. At all. From the initial announcement it was 3DS-only. So the chances aren't even slim, they just don't exist.

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NEW GAME ALERT! NEW GAME ALERT! From the team that brought us Mutant Mudds comes...


The following information comes from a Nintendo Force interview with Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham...

- Treasurenauts are a varied band of heroes, adventurers, and misfits

- At least 8 unique characters

- Some need to be unlocked

- Two tiers to the character selection process

- Tier 1: only cosmetic; no effect on gameplay

- Tier 2: weapon type; choose from sword, firearm, and bomb

- Weapons have different strengths and weaknesses over other weapons

- Sword: close range, fast attack rate, medium damage

- Firearm: long range, medium attack, low damage

- Bomb: medium range, slow attack rate, high damage

- Looking to provide a very different gameplay experience compared to Mutant Mudds

- 2D art style like Mutant Mudds

- More towards 16-bit rather than 8-bit or 12-bit

- Music also pays homage to the 16-bit era

- World map is a treasure map

- This is like the world map from Super Mario World

- Navigate the treasure map to access the different levels

- When you complete a level, a new level on the treasure map opens up

- Sometimes you may not be able to advance past the first screen of the new level since a pathway is out of your reach or is blocked by an obstacle that can’t be tackled at that time

- New ability power-ups or a second teammate may come into play in these situations

- Local multiplayer

- Download Play supported

- Stand on a friends’ head to reach a high platform

- Double Jump ability included in the game

- Each player can be equipped with a different weapon type

- Some areas have dual pressure pads that must be triggered together, leading to a special door with a lot of treasure, a completely separate secret pathway, etc.

- Don’t have to stay together with your friend in the level

- Can send a special voodoo summon to your teammate, allowing them to warp to you instantly

- Bosses included

- Defeat them to earn power-up abilities such as Double Jump

- Health is tied to wealth

- If hit by an enemy, some of your treasure will be lost

- Some of the treasure can be recovered if you move fast enough and regather it while it’s blinking on the ground

- A certain percentage is lost for good

- Multiple endings

- Endings affected by your treasure amount

- Aiming for Q4 release


Source 1 Source 2

seems like it'll be a fun game to play at MAGFest

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Lol at the gif. I can't wait for the new Animal crossing either. Never got into the one on the Wii, but I fricken loved Wild World. Expecting great things from this next installment.

@Brithor, I registered you in my friend log. Hit me up if you are ever in the mood to run the Scarescraper in Luigi's Mansion.

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So for those that have AC:NL, is it worth it for someone who's last AC game was Wild World?

I think my biggest issues with WW were the fact that there were no real holidays (or an analog to them at any rate) and the fact that you had to go to the top acres to shoot down anything on the top screen, so if they fixed those I think I would consider it worth it.

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