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3DS: Friend Codes on First Page, OMG THE THIRD DIMENSION

The Damned

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I'll be getting it and playing on Super Casual Pussy Mode. I hate restarting because someone died (no, I cannot keep going if I lose someone, fuck that), so it's a welcome addition.


I'm excited for RPGs in general on the sytem. We've got Fire Emblem, Etrian Oddysey IV, and a few Shin Megami Tensei games hitting, and then of course there's the rumor of that "All the Bravest" trademark SE made awhile back as being the western localization of Bravely Default.

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Huge announcement coming tomorrow morning via a Worldwide(!) 10 minute Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pokemon.

What will be announced is the big question. GenVI? R/S remakes? (Pleasepleaseplease.) 3DS? Wii U related? Nah. Spinoff game? Doubtful.

Junichi Masuda just posted an unusually giddy blog post stating his excitement for this announcement to 'finally' be made and asking fans to tell as many people as possible.

Something big is about to happen. How will Pokemon evolve in 2013?

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I don't have any games which I have not paid for. The only way it could be argued that downloading for a short trial (usually 30 minutes to an hour; enough to get through the intro and into the basic gameplay and get a feel for it) hurts game sales is if, by trying it, I decide that I don't like it and therefore don't buy it. However, since I have a limited amount of money each month to spend on entertainment, I don't buy games unless I'm quite sure I'll enjoy them, so if I'm sitting on the fence, I won't buy the game because I'm unsure, and trying it and then deciding I definitely won't buy changes the outcome. On the other hand, there have been a number of games I was unsure about until I tried them, and then went out and bought them. It's basically like borrowing a friend's copy of the game for an hour to decide if I want my own.

And yet that (and most of everything else I've seen on this thread) contradicts what I've heard from other sources, that demos hurt video game sales. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2008/04/study-suggests-game-demos-are-bad-business-for-publishers/

I'm not sure what to think about that claim (also, is the fact that this was done 4+ years ago relevant?). I've probably rejected about twice as many games that I've played the demo for as I've gone out and bought, but that's just me.

Also, The Damned, can you add me to the list? 1907-8158-5549


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After playing the demo of Final Fantasy Theatrythym a few times, I'm pretty sold on buying it. Which I did not really expect.

Also it's mostly because now I'm mad I have all these games in Japanese but WHY DO THEY LOCALIZE ALL THE COOL STUFF NOW I THOUGHT I WAS BUYING THE EXCLUSIVES. not that i can't play them in japanese but if i knew they were gonna be in english i'd have waited. in pretty much every case but kingdom hearts and fire emblem. those two were totally worth it.

oh and rayman origins but that was very randomly released in japan first.

EDIT: EX Troopers is literally like playing an anime. And the gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Zone of the Enders on the ground, which is a good thing.

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Project X Zone is coming to 'Murica.(and other places not within that list)


John McClain is a character. (k not really but it's that guy from the die hard game.)

Do you think they'll actually localize his name as John McClain? That would really be awesome.

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Another excellent demo and another $40 waiting to be spent. This is the power of demos, Nintendo and third-party devs. I never thought that I'd like a roguelike, especially an entry in a series that is supposedly pretty hard, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I fell in love with the Etrian Odyssey IV demo.

EOIV and Fire Emblem Awakening(and Pokemon Black 2) are really satisfying that hardcore RPG itch in the back of my head, and having them on a portable is really great. Here's to hoping we get Bravely Default at SOME point Although I just freaking got FE a few days ago and I'm hooked on the EOIV demo.

I don't really know where Nintendo will be going with the Wii U, but as long as they stay the course with the 3DS, I'm totally onboard.

I have a question to Atlus fans: I feel like I would probably like Shin Megami Tensei, and am interested in SMTIV(assuming it gets localized), but can someone give me a "highlgiht reel" of sorts as to why the series is big and why I should like it?

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I never had an original 3DS, but I can tell you the games I have look pretty smexy on the XL. I was wondering if it would be a little too big for my taste (especially going from a DS Lite to a 3DS XL), but I love it. Looking at size comparisons online, I can safely say I much prefer the XL to the original, because the few initial worries I had about the system were proven untrue firsthand.

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