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OCR02174 - Goonies II "I'm Taking It All Back"


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You know, feb is atm seeming pretty fun and lighthearted with the mixes its produced. I gotta say, I love this, the synths are really awesome guitar synthy stuff, with DnB drums, and the sounds all seem rather clean, even with all the distortion applied to them.

The mixing is passable - it gets muddy at times, but never really hurts the mix too much.

Fun, pretty cool, and certainly enjoyable. Recommended :D

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Another tricky source to remix, but if one likes handling them to create something expansive out of them, I'm all game to see what they have.

So this simple 8-measure source was used sharply with this DnB/guitar-lead hybrid, with the riff being used as the background beat towards it. One may say it's too repetitive, but for me there's a lot of meat with the drum work, initial synth processing both during the intro and closer towards the end, and some strong guitar expression work. The manipulation of the chords at 1:45 was also very strong to break things up and add in a more of a sense of character as well.

In regards to nitpicks, you probably should've watched out for some dissonance during that 1:45 section I discussed though; that kind of ended up breaking the detail somewhat when seeing the bass and chord work somewhat clashing together in a couple of spots. Dissonance can work if it's intentional, but for something really happy like this it's probably not a wise thing to go for.

But I enjoy it anyway simply for A) the general happy tone, B) a good example to expand on such a simplistic original song, and C) it's the goddamn Goonies; what's not to like? :razz: I'm hoping you take the experience into a new entry soon Nekko - from what I heard, it's a very promising debut!

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Password screens aren't the kinds of tracks that I can imagine ReMixers being able to ReMix with ease, so getting this kind of result is pretty sweet. It sounds like early OCR at some points, which isn't a bad thing, and the low-finess keeps the spirit of the original alive, which I liked. So yeah, nice debut. Nice debut with numbers and passwords. Data likes.

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Why doesn't this have more comments? This is an awesome remix! Exciting, fun, and a bit uplifting to. This is the kind of music I'd like to hear in an RPG when you first set out on your journey, or something like that.

The DnB works very well here. I especially really dig the bass that comes in at 1:45. Super thick.

The transition at 2:20 maybe could have been handled a little better, but it does work. The fun lead synth slides after that section are fun to listen to. And it ends very well too, so awesome work on that!

Overall a good song. I'd highly recommend this one.

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Somehow, via all the wonky corruption issues with my old Droid X phone, this song ended up as my default ringtone through no intent of my own. (Happy coincidence though, since it has a nice fade-in beginning that prevents startling everyone with sudden loud music.)

So imagine my surprise and confusion upon hearing this old ringtone come from my new Galaxy Note II phone, while it was on vibrate, while no calls appeared to be coming in, and while some "Goonies II I'm Taking It All Back" remix was supposed to be playing instead! Thought my new phone was starting to go on the fritz!

Can't believe I haven't heard this as a complete song until now. Silly shuffle algorithm. :tomatoface:

Due to the above, I don't know if the "you're getting a call" mental association with those first 30 seconds will ever go away. But I must say, Goonies II: I'm Taking It All Back is an enjoyably upbeat remix. It reminds me of a more electronic version of OA's Phoenix Wright: This Feeling. Very fun. Thanks for the music AND the story TJ Nekko. ^.~

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Such a warm intro and outro - they wonderfully build upon the source's tacit plea for Mikey to keep going because Goonies never say die. In general, I love the gentler parts in this mix, especially the heavenly break at 2:20. 0:36 is a fitting boost in energy, although the lingering guitar at 0:42 (slightly panned left) detracts from the mood a little. This is one example of a synth in a busy section holding a note for a few seconds before "releasing" it (a prominent example is 2:32-2:37). I'm sure these instances are meant to add to the mood, but instead they kinda muddy it. Speaking of which, I can't say I'm a fan of that growling guitar at 1:45+. It sounds like another song overtaking/imposing itself on the main melody and disrupting the emotive reputation it's built up. I'm also not sure what purpose the alarm whistle at 1:57 serves (sounds surprising and feels incongruous).

Still worth a listen overall, because the Password theme from Goonies II is underrated.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02174 - Goonies II "I'm Taking It All Back"

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