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OCRA-0023 - Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks

The Damned

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Protodome had every track in the entire series remixed already, but we had to cut him off at some point. It's really said, too, because the 29th track was going to be this big budget movie-style theme using the Route 11 melody, with an orchestra and Berry White providing lyrics.

It was great, but like I said, we had to stop at some point.

I understand. Well one of these days… a Route 11 will emerge hopefully.

Great album though.

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1. Fishy - Game On (~Opening~ Demo) 0:19

Starts out with the Game Freak sound effects, and then rocks the main theme like mad!

2. Level 99 - The Mighty Mighty Pokémon (~Opening~ Demo 2) 2:48

Starts out with Stevo's signature guitar sound! Pretty rockin' track from the start. 0:30 shows off some source usage. 1:08 brings a breakdown... and then it builds back up without missing a beat. 1:31 brings in a solo. Source resumes at 2:01. Stevo rocks this track right to the very end! YEAH!

3. halc - Shades of Red (Theme of Pallet Town) 3:11

I thought this was a remix album... not a soundtrack. Starts out with almost straight source usage, and 0:18 brings in the remix. halc keeps on improving his skills! 1:25 brings in some solo action. 1:44 slows it down and breaks it down. Source returns with some mixage at 1:54. Everything slows down at 2:30. It all starts to fade away at this point as well...

4. Jaroban, Matt Beckemeyer, Fishy, Sam Cooper, Vralia, Jocelyn Holst, DJ Krisp-E, Chris Stibrany - My Greatest Rival (Battle! Rival) 5:28

Oooh! Starts out pretty ominous sounding... Also, it didn't take long to get to the requisite mega-collab. 0:13 brings in guitar, and 0:20 brings in an epic voiceover. 0:36 shows source chippiness. Vocal track? No worries, the lyrics are pretty well written, and also pretty funny. 1:25 brings in a backup vocal. That's great... We'll see who has the bigger Pokéballs! Best line ever. This makes Gold out to be a loser of sorts and Silver to be a pimp. Then again, Silver is Giovanni's... err... don't want to spoil that. 2:50 or so brings in the chorus. 3:22 brings a breakdown of sorts. Whip out your Pokéballs! 3:37 or so brings in a battle scene voiceover with classic sound effects. The lyrics don't take themselves seriously at all... I love it. 4:20 brings the chorus back. 4:58 ends the song, and ambience starts until the end, with the epic voiceover too... What a hilarious track.

5. ProtoDome - Rain Prayer (Road to Viridian City - From Pallet ~ Guidepost ~ Road to Cerulean - From Mt. Moon) 2:42

Piano, eh? Proto's still got it. But why isn't he saving Christmas: The Dangerous Formula? Eh, no matter... 0:22 brings in some chippiness with the piano. What a mellow jazzy track... This is a really good track right here; I love it! 1:25 or so brings in a piano solo. 1:38 brings in a chippy solo. Everything really picks up at 2:04 or so. Everything fades away at 2:36.

6. prophetik - Viridian Vibe (Theme of Pewter City) 3:29

Ambience, eh? Saxophone at 0:16 or so. Some electronica comes in at 0:38 or so. This is a beautiful track right here... 1:24 brings in a solo of the wind instrument. Source resumes at 1:50. The electronic sound in the background works beautifully. It keeps the track together in a cohesive unit. More solo at 2:38 or so. The finale becomes evident at 2:58. Ambience returns at 3:10, and the sax fades out to the end.

7. Cerrax - Out of Antidote (Viridian Forest) 3:41

Eh, eh? Okay, I had to do that. 0:08 brings in source, with creepiness to boot. This is how this track should be done! After all, they say that the forest is a maze. Great work from Cerrax here. What an eerie track; fitting for this creepy forest. 1:06 brings in some more creepy ambience, and is followed by a solo. There's even more creepiness at 1:30!! Everything slows down and calms down at 1:45 or so, but builds back up 10 seconds later. Another solo of sorts at 2:10, with a breakdown included. It slowly builds up to what is sure to be an epic finale. A hint of the end at 2:48. 3:04 brings a return of the norm, but with a hint of finality. 3:26 proves that the end is near, and it breaks down to the end.

8. ProtoDome, Level 99 - Hope to See You Again Soon... (Pokémon Center) 2:21

A mellow mix for a mellow source. With "duh duh duh nuh nuh"s included. Looks like Stevo opted for acoustic here, and Proto opted for his usual quirkiness. A breakdown at 1:20 or so. The piano in the background is beautiful. 1:50 brings a solo of sorts. Fades to end.

9. Fishy - Battle for the Badge (Battle (VS Gym Leader)) 4:10

Starts out calm, but 0:05 brings in some epic music. 0:16 shows the source in full rockin' glory! 0:37 rocks it even harder. Distortion at 0:58. This is a phenomenal track right here... just what a remix of this source should be and more! It's hard to review because it's so awesome. I only want to listen and not type! Woe... Anywho, 1:57 kicks off the solo; can't miss that now can we? 2:17 brings in more of the solo, and it sure sounds epic. Source begins to return at 3:00 or so. Still a bit of a solo here... that's over a minute now. Slowdown at 3:29. Calm music until the end... One hell of a track there.

10. ProtoDome - On the Origin of Species (Evolution) 1:35

This title makes me laugh... well done, Proto. Well done. A mellow track for a simple source. Nice breakdowns and usage of Pokémon cries. Yes, I can tell they're cries by the sound. Yes, I'm a nerd. No I don't care. Think I heard a Magnemite in there... Very well done, and very calm. Nice work. Ends with the classic finished sound.

11. Benjamin Briggs - Drowning Blue (S.S. Anne) 3:13

Piano/chiptune hybrid is evident in the first 20 seconds. Classic chthonic goodness here. 0:56 brings in some source usage. Slowdown at 1:22, and solo from there. Slight speedup at 1:44 or so. It works wonderfully. Also a bit of a solo at this point, until 2:27 when the source returns. Fadeaway at 2:54 to end.

12. Rozovian - Spume (Sea) 4:43

Oh, Rozo, what have you done here? Let's see! Sonar blips? Nice ambience... signature for Rozovian. Everything keeps building and building up until 1:11 when more ambience comes in. What a buildup.. 1:26 brings in some source usage. I knew it was building to something! What a happy track! Scratch that, what a bipolar track. More so than Bipolar Bird from Essence of Lime... 2:12 brings in more source usage. 3:07 slows everything down, and brings back the sonar blips. 3:18 brings it all back again though. I like the tempo of this... Everything slows down for the last minute, and returns to the ambient beginnings of the track. Nice job, man!

13. Tweek - TEEM.ROKIT (Team Rocket Hideout) 4:31

Tweek, master of epic stuff, tackles the Team Rocket Hideout on his own. Err... the song, not the place. 0:20 proves the epicity of the track is easily evident. 0:44 brings in some heavy drums. What an epic track! No surprise though; it is Tweek. 1:14 or so brings a breakdown, but with all breakdowns it builds back up. Source usage is littered throughout this breakdown. 2:10 brings in some more solid source usage. 2:26 has the classic sound of the source that is probably ingrained in the memories of youth who played Red and Blue for hours on end. Gold and Silver too, for that matter. 3:00 or so shows another solo. If Team Rocket was this awesome, they just might have succeeded in their goals. Instead, they were foiled by a sixth grader. 3:50 shows that source one last time. Fades to end starting at 4:10.

14. pu_freak - Clash of the Titans [battle (VS Trainer)] 5:55

Piano rendition of the battle theme? I'll take it. 0:26 brings in some source usage. The original battle themes were the best. This is a pretty awesome track. On par with Rexy's best, methinks. 1:15 or so is a bit of a solo. 1:30 brings in the source again. Speed up at 1:55 with more source. This style fits the source wonderfully... like a skintight bodysuit or something. Yeah, it's that good of a fit. 2:50 or so has a slowdown, but 3:00 brings in more of the source. 3:25 or so breaks everything down to the simplest form... pure, slow piano at its best. This continues until 4:24 or so when it starts to build back up... slowly but surely the intensity increases with each key, each note, until 4:52 when it gets back to the source. And at 5:10 it is on the verge of exploding with the pressure and intensity. At 5:30 it explodes, and the remnants of the track fade away to the finish. Beautiful!! Bravo!!

15. Rozovian, WillRock - Blue Haze (Road to Viridian City - From Pallet) 5:21

Once again, ambience. This is also Will's first track on the album, and his signature synth sound comes in at 0:48. This track keeps on building like so many others before it. Then again, that's fitting for a Pokémon remix album. Have to build your monsters up too, right? 1:38 continues the building of the track... WillRock uses Source! It's super effective! Listener takes 2:10 damage because that's the time it begins at. 2:37 brings a hint of more to come. The title is apt; there's certainly a haze in my ears with this song. And then at 3:00 or so, the main song cuts through the haze like a Razor Leaf. At 3:39 or so, WillRock uses Solo! It's super effective! Yes, I'm gonna continue these jokes. With this album, it's kinda mandatory, ya know? Everything builds up after this solo until 4:38, when a hint of the end reveals itself. 4:50 slows everything down to it's base level. Ambience to finish. Great way to end the first disc.


1. WillRock - Champion's Horizon (Route #26) 4:47

Starts out rocking right out the gate. Classic WillRock sound permeates this track, as with most of his other tracks. 0:29 brings in calm source usage. 0:39 is the return of the synth sound. 0:54 has the classic screaming guitar sound that is so beautiful. 1:17 brings in a solo. 1:53 or so brings more source usage. 2:12 has some piano; a rare calm spot for a WillRock track. But 2:25 proves it was just the calm before the storm, as everything intensifies tenfold from here on out. This is truly one heck of a track, and truly fantastic. 3:19 brings in some triumphant sounding guitar. 3:50 or so has a victorious solo. More calmness at 4:05 or so. 4:22 says PIKA!! And repeats a few more times until the end. Cute and unexpected.

2. Insert Rupee - Precious Metals (Goldenrod City) 2:25

Ben Briggs and halc team up once more for this song. Very evident source usage. Very happy as well; the musical glee is reminiscent of Why So Serious? More source usage at 0:58 or so, with a bit of a personalized touch. 1:12 has a solo using some classic sounds and Pokémon cries. 1:42 has another solo. It all breaks down to simplicity at 2:07, and continues until the end.

3. WillRock - Slowpoke Shuffle (Azalea Town) 3:49

Ttthhhiiisss tttrrraaaccckkk iiiissss sssslllloooowwww.... A very mellow track; very well done Will! I'm half-tempted to review this song in the conclusion as a joke, but I won't. Source is very evient throughout this track. 2:00 brings in a slow solo... a slowlo if you will. Source usage returns to dominance at 3:00 or so. Calmness continues to the end.

4. Mattias Häggström Gerdt, GSlicer - Casino Lounge (Goldenrod Game Corner) 4:43

Anso's electronic expertise and GSlicer's skills combine for one trance-tacular track. Rhythm appears at 0:30 or so. Source usage at 1:45 or so. This is a very rhythm-driven song; it works though. A bit of a solo begins at about 2:10. It's like Rain Dance and then a water move; one part emphasizes the other. Nice work. Source returns at 3:30 or so. Calmness begins at 3:58 or so, and then builds up to the finale. Solo beat at 4:18, and then fadeout until the end.

5. Chrono, Dragon Avenger - Divine Olivine (Violet City) 4:15

What a happy beat! If Deia's involved, I'm expecting vocals to go with a beat like this. Chimes play throughout. Source at 0:32. 0:47 brings in Deia going "na-na-na" more than that recent My Chemical Romance song. This is cooler too. More source at 1:21. Short breakdown at 1:35 or so. 1:56 brings Deia back, with backup vocals by DragonAvenger. Pretty well done. 2:38 brings in some beautiful piano, that brings in even more of the source. 3:14 returns the source that had been used up until this point. Basic beat from 3:55 or so until the end, with occasional chimes.

6. DragonAvenger - Jiggly Choir (Jigglypuff's Song) 0:42

Okay, creeped out a bit. Damn Jigglypuffs... Anyone else getting sleepy? All this track contains is Jigglypuff singing. Pretty funny for an interlude. Then again, Deia did those on the FF4 album too...

7. ProtoDome - Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is... [Hearthome City (Day)] 1:45

0:12 brings in some jazzy source. Piano is used equally as the brass instruments. A bit of a solo begins at about 1:05. This continues until the end; beautifully done, Proto. Beautiful!

8. halc - My Friend Mudkip (Dewford Town ~ Surfing) 3:13

And now for the only Generation 3 remix on the album. Begins with some nice chippiness, and a great take on the source too. 0:30 brings in some background music. Also, for the record, I do like Mudkip. This is a very happy track, and chippier than a truckload of Lay's put through a wood chipper. 1:30 brings in the Surfing source. This is even better than Shades of Red, believe it or not. A bit of a calm spot starts at 2:15 or so. A bit like Pacifidlog Town itself. Except this doesn't float atop a colony of Corsola. Calmness and bass to end from 2:50 or so.

9. The Orichalcon - Argent Vexemon (Ice Path) 3:33

This is a very frigid song; by that, I mean the sounds are very icy. Bells and the like are used. 0:37 starts some electronic sounds. This a very intense song; 0:57 brings in a heavy beat. More source usage at 1:23 or so. There's a large focus on the main rhythm here. A bit of a solo begins at 2:27 or so. A buildup to the end begins after this solo; the end really begins at 3:12, when it all starts to fade to silence until the end.

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10. ProtoDome - May I Have This Swords Dance? [Canalave City (Day)] 2:51

A very calm song... it starts to build right from the start until 0:23 when the source comes in. Some jazziness comes in at 0:37, taking on the source. This is a very well-balanced mix of chiptune and jazz. Chipjazz, if you will, is pretty much Proto's specialty, it seems. Solo at 1:27 or so, and it's beautiful. There's some pitch bending at 1:46 or so; continues until 2:06 when a breakdown occurs. Sax-sound comes in at 2:11 and continues until the end. Piano finishes the track. Nice work by Blake the British guy who's a bit strange...

11. Fishy, Andy Jayne - Super Effective [battle! Trainer (Johto)] 5:15

Ah, Fishy and Andy. A collab unseen since Summoning of Spirits. 0:20 brings in some epic guitar source usage. This song is even longer than Battle for the Badge; with this much rock I can't wait to see how much it progresses. More source usage at 1:08. Some solo at 1:27 or so. Once again, it's hard to review because all I want to do is listen. Mor source usage at 1:57 here. This song is certainly super effective against my musical tastes; I'm loving the dual guitars. More solo at 2:41, and this one sounds quite heavy. Source returns at 3:04 or so. Another solo at 3:17 that quickly returns to source usage. 3:47 brings in some more rocking on the source that is a mix between cover and solo as with so many other parts of this song. This is such a fast-paced song. Slowdown at 4:27 that brings in some piano. Slowness continues until 5:02 when it all starts to fade away.

12. WillRock, ProtoDome, halc - Bullet for My Piloswine [Route #225 (Day) ~ Ending] 4:00

Vocals at the start; Pretty rocking start. Chippiness comes in at 0:25. Also, this song is guilty of one of the most simultaneously horrid and awesome puns for a title ever. Rocking at 0:37 courtesy of Mr. Harby. More chiptunes at 0:53 or so. Heavy guitar at 1:25 or so. Solo at about 1:40. This is certainly an epic track. Piano comes in at 2:08, no doubt courtesy of Proto. Chiptunes at 2:23. More guitar at 2:33. Dual guitar sound at 2:48 or so. More awesome guitar at 3:20. Fade beginning at 3:49 or so until end.

13. pu_freak - Journey's End (Ending) 3:09

And we come to the final track, with a very fitting title. What an aural journey it has been, too. Very awesome piano, here. Then again, what OCR album these days doesn't have at least one epic piano track? Very slow track, but the source is highly evident. I don't anticipate a huge buildup here, as it's the last track, and relatively short too. But it does start to build starting at about 1:40. The finale is surely imminent. This such a beautiful track... it all starts to decline to silence at 2:30, with very calm piano dispersed throughout this final period. Ends with a classic sound effect.


Well, this album has been in the works for 4 years now, right around the time when Diamond and Pearl came out, heralding the beginning of Generation 4 and showing a grand total of 493 unique Pokémon. And now, in less than a week Black and White come out, starting off Generation 5 and bringing the total up to 649. This album has been a long time coming, and that's a very good thing. A nice balance between jazz, chiptunes, and epic guitar-driven rock, among other things, it comes together nicely. It's definitely worth a download, and every track has earned its place on my hard drive. A much anticipated album, and the expectations were never too high. The end result met them and exceeded them without a doubt. Great work from everyone involved, and I can't wait to hear and review the next album, whatever it may be. The only sure thing is that it will be OCRA-0024. Until next time, game on!

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Let's just say that I cried at the end because there were no more tracks to hear.

Well you might be wrong there... Pokémon games aren't always finished when you beat the Elite Four.

And Mirby, many thanks for a full review so soon after release!

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There are some songs missing from the FLAC version, is there a reason for this?

Yes, since the project is 4 to 5 years old, not every song had a wav file handed in. And because of it's age, not every mixer still had their project files to create a wav file (meaning it's also impossible to create a good flac file)

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Yes, since the project is 4 to 5 years old, not every song had a wav file handed in. And because of it's age, not every mixer still had their project files to create a wav file (meaning it's also impossible to create a good flac file)

That's a shame. Thanks for the answer, though.

Loved the album, been waiting for something like this for a long time.

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Awesome, downloading now.

As for that guy complaining about the anime--4kids doesn't have anything to do with it now (and hasn't for several years) and even when they did, so what? The games came first. It's like saying you won't download a Mario project album because that's supporting the terrible live-action movie.

(Come to think, are there any Mario albums released?)

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Review Time!

Going to go through them one at a time, post personal thoughts etc

Track 01: Fishy - Game On

Hah I remember the first time I heard this. Thought it was amazing then. Still do. 20 Seconds of pure awesome, and folks, a little tip for you - THIS is how you start off a remix album in style 8)

Track 02: Level 99 - The Mighty Mighty Pokemon

I've never really thought the Pokemon main theme was iconic of sorts, it doesn't stick in my brain when I hear it on the gameboy. That said, this rendition is pretty rockin, and level 99 really did justice to this theme. Also, the tempo change was a pretty neat idea and really gave that added OMPH when it was needed. Nice work man :)

Track 3: halc - Shades of Red

Three guesses what this tune is from the first 5 seconds. I wasn't sure how halcs stuff would sit with me at first regarding the first two gameboy games in the series, because remixing 8-bit to chiptune seems kind of... I wouldn't say pointless, but I generally perfer to hear non chiptune takes on chiptune sources. halc (Halc? start of sentence, w/e) really made this work however. Rhodes with chiptune is nice. Tons of cool personalisation in this as well which really makes this more than just your average chiptune remix, but its halc, We expect nothing less from the master of chiptunes :P

Track 4: Jaroban and alot of other people - My Greatest Rival

Going to be honest here. Didn't really like this one. Its that sort of cringe worthy cheese that just makes me turn off what i'm listening to. Not to say its a BAD remix, because its not. Its a pretty unique take on the source, purposely reminiscent of the opening theme from the anime. The execution was lacking in parts of this tho, the drums sound weak, and the rhythm guitars don't cut through nearly enough. Some nice playing from fishy, but would have liked it to be more upfront. Maybe I have a weird sense of humour but those issues, coupled with the WAY cheesy vocals kills this one for me. Sorry guys!

Track 5 - Protodome - Rain Prayer

Like many people here, protodome made his start on the project. He'd been around the forums a bit, done some compo stuff on the forums, but it was when he joined this project that I really started to see how talented this guy is. This is a fantastic blend of jazz and chiptunes, somewhat liberal at points, and some might find it plays around with the source a little too much, but personally, I love what he's done with the theme. One of the highlights of the album :)

Track 6: Prophetik - Viridian Vibe

This one is all about the sax. Some really soulful and passionate playing on display, but the repeative background instrumentation makes me :(, could almost be one of those home keyboard autostyle backing things, with the one bar background looping. If you ignore the background and listen to that sax tho, you'll get memorised in its rather hypnotic style.

Track 7: Cerrax - Out of antidote

Oh god this source. One of the rather weird sources from the pokemon soundtracks that I reckon caused people like vig to revolt against the soundtrack.

Can't say that due to the sample choices, as well as the iffy source to begin with, I really like this one all that much. Some mixing issues doesn't help the matter - too loud leads at the end etc. Me not liking this is not exactly Cerrax's fault mind, as there is only so much you could do with this source to make me enjoy it :P

8: Protodome and Level 99 - Hope to see you again soon.

After cerrax's rather aggressive remix before, the pokemon center theme hits in what is probably the perfect style to remix this source in. Level 99 shows stylstic diversity and protodome shows some impressive vocal work - +1 to protodome and level 99 skillz.

Its liberal at points, which caused the judges to reject it through what I felt was from a technicality. Shtyjdgfgts.

9: Fishy - Battle For The Badge

The title tells you pretty much whats coming here. Fishy hinted at some kick ass hard rock in game on, and my greatest rival showcased some of his very precise playing technique, and a dazzeling legato technique. While this track doesn't show too much in terms of legato playing (altho tho intro arpeggio guitar parts are SICK) this really shows that fishy can rock, and has some downbeat breakdowns for good measure. Kinda sounds like dream theater at points, which can only be good. This is more hard rock then heavy metal tho. Standout stuff from Fishy. This was also one of his first mixes, thus proving he is 10X better than you.

10: Protodome - On the origin of the species

Gotta love protodome by this point, and if you don't then there is something wrong with you. More jazzy goodness, but the shortness of the source and the remix, as well as its repetitive nature doesn't make this stand out too much. Some nice ideas tho, and a cool ending :P

11: Ben Briggs - Drowning Blue

Chiptune God Ben Briggs tackles the SS Anne theme. Of course, its fantastic stuff. Sometimes I find it hard to tell halc and chthonics styles apart, but Ben seems to go with more risky arrangements than halc, while halc has more pristine production. Great stuff here tho, altho poor ben got the short end of the stick with an unpolished version of this remix making the album by accident :(

12: Rozovian - Spume

Rozovian was another up and comer as this album was in the works, like Protodome, Fishy and Level 99 before him (tracklist wise)

Rozovian has shown in the past he is very adapt at doing both ambient music and more upbeat electronic stuff. This one is hard to push a style at however. It starts of ambient, then hits with an upbeat Synth Rock beat. Really fun stuff, and worth the listen if you like ambitious arrangements.

13: Tweek - TEEM.ROKIT

Most of you have heard this as this has been posted on OCR already. That said, this is probably one of the most solid tracks the album has to offer. The drums sound fantastic, and the source has been really well handled (another one of those weird pokemon sources for me)

I feel like this one plays it a little safe - it never kicks in like I expect it to and oh does it tease you. Its too bad because I was expecting an epic finale and didn't get one :(

Still, an album highlight, download this one.

14: pu_freak - Clash of the titans

I made a track called clash of the titans but he penned this first so i'll forgive him.

Solo piano stuff, which is an interesting choice given the source, that altho goes on a bit too long, is a pleasant listen. Some of the piano playing feels slightly loose at points but its nothing that detracts too much. Not one of the best tracks imo, but not the worse either. Give it a shot if you like piano solo mixes.

15: Rozovian & WillRock - Blue Haze

My Album Debut! If you guys want some insight to what inspired this remix, then I'll fill you in. I was playing Pokemon one day and I thought to myself, what if articuno had flown over route 1 and frozen the whole route, changed the climate, and of course, put a blanket of haze over the route. With that image in mind, I made this remix, and got rozo to help me with sound design, mixing, and some arrangement perks :)

Successful? I think so :D

That concludes My thoughts on Disc 1. Disc 2 coming soon.

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This is a kill me now moment. I'm sorry anything that in any way even unintentionally backs 4kids entertainment's diasterous anime butchering ticks me off. I'm not going to download this. I do not play the games i do not watch the show. I'm doing my best to not flame OCR because of its incredible standards and how its maintained them for so long but I can do nothing but *headdesk* when i see this. I do not mean for this to turn into a completely different conversation but seriously OCR? Did this have to be done?

You DO realise that the anime came second to the games right? The games came first, they have NOTHING whatsoever to do with 4kids, and you sir, are an asshat :<

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Just finished listening to all the tracks straight through. I... don't know how to explain how epic this is in words appropriate for ANY website. Let's just say that I cried at the end because there were no more tracks to hear.

I'm especially sad that a bunch of great source tunes had to be neglected on this album, especially a bunch from DPP. Also, imma let you finish, but Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD had some of the best music ever (even if most were just variations on a theme).

What's Missing(no) IMHO -- a rough draft:

To fully represent the series, I say a sequel album ("Still Missingno"?) is in order, maybe in a few years. It would help fill in the HUGE gaps that Missingno Tracks didn't cover, and could cover the gen-5 musics...

No love for


They didn't cover side games (Colosseum) with this one on purpose. Maybe like you said a sequel could expand. I'd love to see it in the future, but for now this is great. And I guess the other missing tracks ...Keeps us hungry for more. XD Heck, they could expand it a whole bunch of ways. One for the missing tracks of the main games and one for the side games. I sure know some people who like Mystery Dungeon 8-)

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Disc 2 Review

1: WillRock - Champions Horizon

Not sure what to say about this one that you guys don't already know. As far as length of time to complete comes to mind, I'm pretty sure this one takes the grand prize for the longest for me to finish as it was over a year before it was done from the point I started it. I wanted to capture that grand majestic feel of the original and rock it to shreds later. Wasn't completely happy with my guitar work (I never am) but I did manage to get some good stuff going in this.

2: Insert Rupee - Precious Metals

The combination of halc and Ben Briggs has seen to be one of ocrs biggest collab artists, whos tracks have become classics in the community. This track is soon to join them, I love this one. Some interesting use of pokemon crys that i'm not sure quite worked the way they could have done. That said, this is a solid remix that deserves a place on your play list.

3: WillRock - Slowpoke Shuffle

Seems like all my tracks are scrunched up together in one spot. Partly my fault as I helped with the tracklist. That said, this was a bit of departure from my usual style, going for world music with some pop music sensibilities. Not sure the production on this one really stands up to how good it is now, and some of the sound choices make me wonder what I was smoking, but this is an OLD track. Like... i'm not even sure, it might predate all my posted mixes in terms of when I made it.

4: Mattias Häggström Gerdt, GSlicer - Casino Lounge

A fun fact: I JOINED this project to remix the lucky number theme, and it was already done T_T.

Kinda a killjoy, but it got quite a cool treatment from these guys. I'm not sure if I like the source more... I reckon I probably do. Not to say this is bad, but I didn't find it grabbed me as much as some of the other tracks on the album.

5: DragonAvenger, Chrono - Divine Olivine

This one had just been finished when I joined the project, I remember it being judged for project approval (We had a judging system where everyone would chip in as to whether it was up to standard)

This one has been a personal favourite for about 2 years now. Nostalgic bliss.

6: Jiggy Choir - DragonAvenger

Oh god. This ALMOST didn't make it on the album. I remember when I first heard this, it had been done some time before I joined the project, and I was surfing the WIP forums and found this. DA had done it as a joke and I thought it was one of the funniest and most awesome things i'd ever heard. Responses had been similar so I, along with others pushed to get this on the album. Its a bit of a black sheep, just a jiggysong placed in the middle of the album, but JEEZE, ITS SO GOOD.

7: Protodome - Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is...

Its Protodome again! He dances! (I think) He sings! He EVEN PLAYS THE SAX.

Seems like protodome has a bag full of tricks, and this is a short but sweet track from The master of jazz/chiptune. Might be a bit too short, but there is alot of reply value here. Can't say I know the source but that doesn't really matter. Great stuff, a bit too short to be a highlight tho, it comes and goes. Also proves proto is the worlds worst at pun titles :P

8: halc - My friend Mudkip

So I herd u leik ths remixez. U do? Of course you do, and I do too. Genesis drums, and chiptune stuff. I think it comes off as a bit "safe" but there is nothing wrong or remotely bad with this remix. If you like halcs standard chips, eat your heart out. Good stuff.

9. The Orichalcon - Argent Vexemon

Industrial stuff from an old face - the Orichalcon, He had some remixes posted before my time, and lots of them. Pretty interesting stuff. The source is slightly miss with me. Has a nice riff but the arpeggios don't quite fit with me, which I would have fixed. Generally, this is a pretty good remix. If you like the style, you'll love it to bits, but its not for everyone.

10: Protodome - May I Have This Swords Dance

You might have noticed by now, but protodome pretty much owns this whole album.

He's done some chiptunes, sang, played sax, done some jazz, and all this climaxes with this remix, which is my personal favourite of protodomes, and probably my favorite on the album.

The sax playing is this is fantastic, really soulful and expressive, and its just a pleasure to listen to. Put in some rather keyboardy piano sound, really cool jazzy chords played on a synthisizer, some glitchy drums, and you have yourself a masterful remix. Its everything thats good about protodome in one remix. Get this one, its essential.

11: Fishy, Andy Jane - Super Effective

If I remember correctly, Andy Jane did this arrangement and fishy spiced it up with guitars, bass and drums. Good Collab strategy. Fishy also proves he can shred like a manic in his one, with some fantastic legato playing.

12: halc, Protodome, WillRock - Bullet for My Piloswine

Haha! The title and intro were both protodomes idea. He gets full credit for EVERYTHING. With that out of the way, I had the idea of doing a 3 way collab, and asked protodome and halc if we should collab. It became apparent quick that we all liked Route 225 so we decided to remix it. The idea at the end was for everyone to do certain parts of the instrumentation, but protodome and halc got kinda bored with it and left me to finish it off. I think it was still good regardless however, and they brought more than enough to the table to leave their mark on this rather breakthrough mix for me.

13: pu_freak - Journey's end

I made a track called journeys end as well. Pu Freak, stop stealing my titles. I love the way this goes from bullet to journeys end, its just so fitting, and a perfect way to end the album. This is another nostalgia blast, and a great way to end a fantastic 2 disc set.

Well, thats my thoughts on all the tracks here. As a remixer on this album, I hope you guys enjoyed this album, my tracks included :P

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WANT. I really hope another Pokemon album starts up, because once I get my equipment for better ReMixing (Since I'm essentially stuck with GarageBand right now and can't make anything sounding remotely professional) I am TOTALLY jumping on the bandwagon. Awesome tracks. I love what was done with some themes (Jigglypuff Choir was too funny for its own good, and ProtoDome being able to take the short Evolution theme and making it a 1:35 long track is very impressive.), while others are simply amazing. Great variety within the tracks, the ReMixers have all outdone themselves, and the span over the four generations is a great thing to see (hear?).

Again, I really hope we get to see another Pokemon album sometime later on, because if this is the result, then a second album would be an amazing opportunity for more great music from amazing sources.

Personal favorites so far are:

Rain Prayer - ProtoDome

Nice, mellow, relaxing. Not much else to be said.

Blue Haze - Rozovian, WillRock

Again, relaxing, but with a more far off feel, giving the idea of some nice place somewhere down the road.

On The Origin Of Species - ProtoDome

The Evolution theme. ReMixed. And it's 1:35 long, good, and STILL CATCHY. Props. Although it's hard to get this out of my head.....

Bullet For My Piloswine - WillRock, halc, ProtoDome

LOL. Best intro EVER. XD

The mix is great, plain and simple.

Divine Olivine - Chrono, DragonAvenger

For some reason, certain parts of this remind me of Robo's theme in CT. Odd......

But anyway, the tune is nice, happy, light, and the vocals overtop are great. Interesting use of percussion as well.

I am going to be listening to this album for a LONG time. Definitely something to recommend to friends.

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Pretty good overall. I'll try to have some of this up on the station next week (already linked on my blog). My main disappointment is that there's nothing from the side games-Puzzle League, the GameCube games, and Mystery Dungeon all have great things to offer as well, hopefully someone will get around to mixing those at some point.

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it turns out the FLAC of Drowning Blue is already the correct updated version, so there's no need to replace it

So, is the mp3 still outdated? Since we don't have the complete album in FLAC format, must we mix and match the two?

Are there any others that are outdated in either version?

I realize the wavs might not exist any more for some of the tracks to turn into true lossless FLAC, but wouldn't it be better to have a FLAC file converted from the mp3s in the "FLAC" folder? I usually pick only the FLAC folder when downloading the torrent, so I don't have redundant files, under the (reasonable) assumption that every track will be present within. I'd like to add my disappointment to how this was released, but I suppose it's too late to fix the torrent now.

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WANT. I really hope another Pokemon album starts up, because once I get my equipment for better ReMixing (Since I'm essentially stuck with GarageBand right now and can't make anything sounding remotely professional)

Um, my remix "Out Of Antidote" was done entirely in Garage Band with all default samples and effects. GB has more to it than you might realize.

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I realize the wavs might not exist any more for some of the tracks to turn into true lossless FLAC, but wouldn't it be better to have a FLAC file converted from the mp3s in the "FLAC" folder?

No, it wouldn't be better. It would be lossy. We're not gonna waste space with that to fill out gaps. Go ahead and make your own if you need FLACs so bad. :lol:

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Um, my remix "Out Of Antidote" was done entirely in Garage Band with all default samples and effects. GB has more to it than you might realize.

You're kidding me. I had no clue until I listened to it after you brought that up, but now I'm recognizing some of the instruments. Nice job then. But I do have a much older version of Garageband, and I have been saving for Logic.

Who mentioned my secret plans for a sequel album? Who dared to tell them about The Missingno Tracks: Special Pikablu Edition?

That's right, I already had the name figured out. I had it YEARS AGO (right after this album's name was decided).

Oops, looks like I'm unveiling secrets already. Silly me. :razz:

But in all honesty, there's enough material within the games to create multiple albums, this shouldn't simply stop here if this is what we get. It's too epic for that.

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I wanna sit down and do a proper review of each track on the album. I'll try to find some time on the weekend if I can.

For now, my favourite mixes are "Home is where the Luvdisc is", "Casino Lounge" (super smooth beats in that one, I've looped it a lot), and "Super Effective". For various reasons. There aren't really any dud tracks on the album as far as I've gone through so far. I'm sure I'll pick up some more gems as I listen over time.

Congrats to everyone on the album. There are a lot of new faces on here which have come out with some amazingly good material. Everyone should be proud of being a part of this project.

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