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Rebecca Black - Best song evar


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Heh, I was wondering when there would be a thread about this. I think it's awesome that this song is something probably nobody was that invested in or spent a lot of time making yet is a) memorable and quotable, B) a hit, and c) really not that different from some radio pop. The biggest difference to me is that Rebecca doesn't have that pop star charisma and expressiveness in her singing, but honestly, that's kind of a refreshing change! That said, I don't feel much of an urge to listen to this song again but I hope it goes to #1.

And my god, the rap is horrible and the rapper way too old to be in this video.

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She beats them all at their own, horribly horribly shitty game.

In other words, you don't need a 1 million dollar contract and 20 record labels behind you pushing to make crappy music...

Or maybe it's because we are at such a stage in the musical industry, that we've basically come to accept this kind of music as "good" and now it proves that basically you don't need a 1 million dollar contract and 20 record labels behind you pushing you to make crappy music to get popular, you just need crappy music...

Or maybe it's because we've been trained to like music that seems like it does need a 1 million dollar contract and 20 record labels behind it pushing for popularity, but truly doesn't, to be crappy and popular at the same time...

Or maybe...

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nah a show that has 3 million viewers possibly, ain't bringing in no 13 million views to a youtube vid ;o

not even if every single viewer looked it up on youtube

three times

Yeah because with a show on comedy central, there's no possible way that any of those 3 million or less people showed their friend, who showed THEIR friends, who......

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I go to a community college, where the collective maturity level/sense of humor is somewhere similar to that of 6-7th graders, and I can't go 3 feet in any direction on that campus without walking past a set of retarded manchildren/stupid ditz women singing this song and laughing like hyenas.

And it's only thursday. I go to campus TOMORROW TOO.

I may end up killing myself

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I don't follow the plot. Why random adult black guy? Why does talk about waiting for the bus only to instantly change her mind?

I had the same problem. She wakes up, gets in the car to go to school, school is then immediately not even mentioned and then it's Friday night?

Why not just start the song AFTER SCHOOL? That would've made more sense.

They also mention the bus twice, but she doesn't even RIDE THE BUS DDDDDD:

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The answer as to why this even exists is deceptively simple: business.

Look at how much money the Disney tween-aged musicians pull in? There are millions and millions of children with parents who have disposable income. These are the parents that will buy stuff to make their child happy, and many parents blindly assume that they can leave the Disney channel on and have their child zone out to quality programming without having to worry about inappropriate words or subject matter coming on. These kids aspire towards stars that are their age or close to it, and any relative perspective on talent is negated by supreme overproduction to make it as enjoyable and catchy as possible.

I took a look at Ark Music Factory's other artists. Notice a pattern there? All tweens or teens, all females (at least on the first page), and all seemingly unoffensive. Fastest way to make a quick buck is pick a random relatively-not-unattractive and/or unassuming-looking girl (I shudder at what pedos must think looking at a page like that. *shudder* no bueno), make a song about something that has relevance to what kids in middle school and high school go through, autotune the fuck out of it since the majority of these people can't sing, produce it to a mirror shine, then push it out and sell it. Seriously, give a producer a couple hours or so and they can make songs like this. Rama even proved it in a lulz-y kind of way. And even if the video is notoriously bad, look at how many views, tweets, facebook posts, and general media attention it has gotten. There is no such thing as bad publicity, because all publicity is attention. This song has likely gotten more airtime than all OC ReMixes combined.

Just to put it into perspective, Rebecca Black's official Friday video right now has 16,457,921 views on youtube. That's the equivalent of a 16x platinum single if it were actual song sales.

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