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Rebecca Black - Best song evar


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Wait....wait....I just did some cursory research...and it seems this is a real song...written by two people? And they had this girl perform it? And now it has over twelve million hits and is generating money and buzz? And it's not a joke song?

Is that what this is?

This is a real not a joke song???


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Kids these days... Well, kids will be kids.

These guys, however, may well be taking advantage of those kids and their desire to be famous.

And they ought to hire a stylist and a video editor with a more computer skill than it takes to slap a filter on some footage. A tool that highlights girls' and women upper lip to create the effect of a mustache might not be the best tool for the job.

In a review for Rolling Stone writer Matthew Perpetua described the vocals as having "a peculiar tonality that inadvertently highlights the absurdity of boilerplate pop lyrics", adding that the refrain "sounds unlike anything else in pop music." He noted the sound as being not entirely agreeable to listen to, but states that Black ultimately ends up "sounding like a distinct singer with an alluring sort of anti-charisma.

Anyone care to translate, cuz it sounds like some kind of exploitation to me.

After reading one fan's comment of 'Forget Bieber fever, I have the Black Plague', Black twittered that the comparison "made my day".


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tosh.0 doesn't have that big of an audience

Probably not 12 million big, but I know there are people that talk about Tosh so I imagine it's responsible for some of it. Also the video has gone "guys check out this horrible song" viral on a number of sites. Including here.

I hope you all feel good about adding hits to this unbelievable filth.

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