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Rebecca Black - Best song evar


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I'll risk all potential responses to this by saying that I feel the lyrics are approximately seven-hundred trillion times worse than the actual *sound* of the song, and I've felt that way since the first of the four hundred times I have thus far listened to it (and I love it hard every single time).

I agree. The lyrics are soooooooooooo garbage.

"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday. We we we so excited. we so excited. We gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwords."

....seriously. That's all someone could come up with!? Now, I'm no fabulous lyricist, but come on people! My 5 yr old son could do a better job!

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Some more insight into the situation, apparently her mother is a murderer. She said this about the people making fun of the horrible song on the internets:

Dr Georgina Kelly told GMA: 'In all honesty, I probably could have killed a few people.

'But that probably would get me nowhere. Yeah, it makes me angry and upset.'

And she's a doctor so you know she could do it.

That may or may not explain a lot.

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