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Nintendo Wii U


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How about the fact you could go watch an football game or baseball game live. On your TV or in person.

Seriously, sports games just seem pointless to me.

Yes because I can call up LeBron James and shoot some hoops with him and the Miami Heat.

Or give Bill Belichick a ring and take the coach's hat for a few games.

Or ask Sidney Crosby to take a seat and I'll finish the third period for him.

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Hockey games are completely outside that argument. I have to assemble a team of ~15 friends, find ~16 other people to play against. We all have to buy ~$300+ worth of gear, and find an empty frozen surface to use. Oh, and we probably need to hire a couple people to enforce the rules.

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But that would probably get you arrested.

Depends on the mushrooms, really.

Crowbar: Neither I or my wife really care about the level of graphics (aside from Bastion, Mass Effect series, Minecraft and FTL, all of my favorite games are pre-PS2 gen - and Minecraft/FTL aren't exactly cutting edge graphical fidelity), and touch screens annoy me in general when it comes to games, which is why I'd probably go to get the Wii instead of the WiiU. Plus, there's the price point, and from what I hear battery life in the Wiimotes is far better, although I could be wrong on that.

I will admit, I didn't know you could play Wii games on the WiiU. Probably won't change my mind, but it's something to consider I guess.

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If he wanted to join the military to fight terrorists and emulate Call of Duty, that would be fine. Admirable, even.

How about you dress like a terrorist, grab your assault rifle, and go shoot people outside? Sports games aren't the only games that emulate real life activities that you, yourself, can perform. Your logic is as unreasonable as I am

your reading comprehension is fairly dyslexic

i hear they make a cream for that

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I read it fine. Were you legitimately telling him to become a terrorist or were you twisting the storyline of the CoD series? Or were you thinking of a different game? The only one that comes to mind that lets you play as a terrorist is Counter-Strike. But the point is you CAN do things on your own in real life, not that you should. I think people should play whatever game they want to, and the level of realism in the game is not a reason to be against it. The bottom line is that EA provides a good quality product to a huge audience that buys and enjoys the product, and that's really all that matters. I don't hate them for making something people want. And that is one of the things about them that I consider better than Nintendo. We can agree to disagree on any of these points but that's how I see it.


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Because Nintendo does not provide good quality products to a huge audience that buys and enjoy their products. Obviously.

Well Brandon, again, if you have some weird irrational love for EA and even more irrational hate for Nintendo, why on earth did you get a Wii U? Terrible decision.

Anywho, those of us who actually LIKE Nintendo will obviously enjoy the great games Nintendo makes on the Wii U.

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You keep asking why I bought a Wii U, so here's my answer. Because I thought it was going to be awesome and better than the Wii. I thought Nintendo was going to learn from their mistakes with the Wii. I thought games were going to be beautiful and in HD, with a lot better graphical detail and quality. I thought the games were going to improve. I thought the Wii U wouldn't be subjected to the shovelware that the Wii was. I thought the third party support would make the Wii U a console to be reckoned with, regardless of the fact that the PC is really the best place to get any third party title. ;-)

I don't hate Nintendo or the Wii U. I'm just disappointed, and my Wii U is collecting dust like the previous Wii did. I think Nintendo is working on games that appeal to very small subsections of their audience, and the quality is questionable. All of this could have been avoided if I had waited 3-4 years before buying a Wii U instead of adopting it fairly early, so I only have myself to blame there, but Nintendo is also not giving me much confidence that they are going to start producing new high quality games for the system. I want to get Wind Waker HD because I never played the original, and check out the new Wii U Zelda that is in production. I hope they deliver with that. I consider myself a casual gamer with hardcore gaming tendencies, Nintendo and their games should be right down my alley, but there are a lot of oversights that are keeping these games and the Wii U in general from being a really fun system.

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Well, I can understand being disappointed at the current offerings. Technically they have not even released their first AAA title yet on the Wii U and its been over half a year. Pikmin 3 will be their first big AAA game on the Wii U and it was supposed to be a launch title. But it is coming soon, and Nintendo showed off a bunch of other top quality beautiful looking games (both developed in house and things they are publishing), some coming soon, some coming later. But you don't appear to be happy about any of them though so I'm not really sure WHAT you want

If specifically all you wanted were 3rd party games on the Wii U, yeah traditionally 3rd party doesn't do well on Nintendo platforms so that was a mistake to depend on that. If you aren't going to be happy with what Nintendo has to offer then you probably aren't going to enjoy the Wii U at all :/ Unless someone does something unique on the Wii U (like ZombiU and Monster Hunter 3 U) 3rd party ports are probably going to be pretty much the worst one out of any other platforms (or most companies are skipping out until sales pick up)

Zelda games are also something that never happen near launch. Twilight Princess was an end of life GCN game that got a quick Wii port, Skyward was the first real Zelda on the Wii and that was 5 years after it came out. So if we get a Zelda game earlier than 2015 I'd be surprised.

Anywho, give them time. It hasn't been that long, and all consoles have kind of a rough start out of the gate. PS3 took years before it started getting a good library (and ports that were not terrible). I'm not expecting there to be anything worth buying a PS4/XBO for a while (if you have a good PC at least).

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PS4 is gonna be solid right out the gate, I'm gonna get the launch bundle with Knack, seems like they have a solid stream of stuff coming out immediately, they'll even have Drive Club as a free download at launch from what I've heard, not to mention the PS+ benefits, hopefully they keep up the free games like they have been doing on the ps3.

ZombiU is a cool game. We need to see more stuff like that as Wii U exclusives. Not exactly like it, but I mean games like that which appeal to hardcore gamers. I'd like to see Nintendo throw their hat into the hardcore gaming ring. Or at LEAST make something like a G-rated Uncharted or a good adventure game, anything really..

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Eh, guess different tastes. Everything looks dull to me at launch for PS4/XBO (not into realistic racing, just like Kart style games). Knack's cinematics look really cool but whenever they show off the gameplay it looks like the most generic beatemup I've ever seen, just with a cute edge. Guess we'll see how it is when it comes out. Not something I'd run out to buy a console for IMO.

Besides, so many games coming out this holday for PC /PS3 / 360 / Wii U ( A lot of Wii U games <_<) / 3DS I don't have budget for yet another console + accessories + games right now. I would of picked up a PS4 solely on the hype that was generated by Sony's E3 conference. But then Nintendo's E3 stuff happened.

However, once MSGV/KH3/FFXV hits though.. I'll have to do something :)

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Has anyone bought the new Game & Wario? I want to buy it because I love WarioWare games, but it's unclear to me if this is actually a WarioWare game or not. Can anyone confirm?

It's not. It's just a collection of...five minigames, I think?

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Eh, guess different tastes. Everything looks dull to me at launch for PS4/XBO (not into realistic racing, just like Kart style games).

Knack's cinematics look really cool but whenever they show off the gameplay it looks like the most generic beatemup I've ever seen, just with a cute edge. Guess we'll see how it is when it comes out. Not something I'd run out to buy a console for IMO.

I didn't think to respond to this at the time, but I just thought of this comment while looking at some ps4 stuff on amazon...

Basicaly.... how can you possibly say that? Knack doesn't look generic to me at all, and I can't even think of another game that has the specific mechanic that Knack has, where you absorb different materials to change the entire build and skills of your character. Not to mention they said the game basically contains an entire "Pixar quality" animated movie for the cutscenes. It's like Ni No Kuni, but for people who are into family-fun adventure games. I'm not saying Ni No Kuni isn't family-fun, but it's less approachable than an adventure game simply due to being a somewhat complex RPG. I'm not starting a debate on the complexity of Ni No Kuni's systems, but for a non-RPG gamer, it can be a lot to take in.

And on a larger point, the PS4 launch titles (and those coming shortly later) as a whole, including third-party games that will also be on Xbone... are really, really strong. Between Knack and Destiny (June 30 2014?) alone I'm going to be satisfied, and that's just the tip of the hamburger.

But the games coming to those systems have something Nintendo doesn't, diversity. You have your family games like Knack, and your more hardcore-oriented games like the period/anachronistic The Order 1886.

The point of this post isn't to onanize the PS4 but to point to the difference between approach between PS4 and Wii U.

I've been somewhat unfair to Wii U. Super Mario 3D World looks like a shitload of fun even if it's not to the scope that I had expected, and avoided features like online multiplayer. I will probably obtain it someday, but I don't see myself going out of my way to get it. (Or paying $59.99)

In conclusion, my one wish is that Nintendo tries to be more modern with their games, opting to consider all gamers. I know it's a family console. They've obviously tried to tap into the hardcore market with the marvelous ZombiU, and from the start -- with the revelation of this game -- they stated some interest in appealing to hardcore gamers.

I just want them to continue that... They haven't announced any games for teens or higher. Maybe third-party titles I'm not currently familiar with, but they definitely need to have some exclusively made for the Wii U, if not developed by Nintendo (which would be amazing), then an exclusive deal with developers who can do it.

After writing this I remember they do have stuff like Xenoblade 2 coming (if that's what it ends up being). And that's a great step. Monster Hunter 3 looks great but I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet. They need more of this.

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Destiny is scheduled "2014", no specific date. It is also on 360/PS3/PS4/XBO so its not exactly exclusive, and it looks basically like Halo+Borderlands. Looks pretty cool honestly, but at the end of the day its another FPS in a market flooded with FPS. Just get kinda tired of them and wouldn't run out and buy a console for it myself personally (especially if I have a console I can play it on (I own both 360 & PS3))

As far as Knack, if you watch actual gameplay videos of it, hes just walking around, punching things and things fly into him, rinse cycle repeat. It just doesn't look engaging. The concept looks neat and the cinematics are definitely Pixar quality (Probably prerendered though), but the gameplay itself just looks largely uninteresting. I'd like for it to do well though, so we'll see when it comes out! Knack is about the only thing that caught my eye for PS4 exclusives (that and whatever the heck Media Molecule showed off using the Move). But the only games that are "GOTTA BUY IT" for me are MGSV/KH3/FFXV, which aren't exclusives either

Don't get me wrong, between exclusive and 3rd party content, the PS4 looks awesome and I will definitely be picking up one. But too many other games coming out this holiday across every single platform currently demand my attention/wallet lol. I haven't bought a console at launch since Dreamcast anyways

But yes, Wii U's approach is different than PS4/XBO. But most of us knew that already. Nintendo's approach is the same as last generation basically: A generation step behind on tech, with a focus on family oriented fun and local multiplayer. Literally their advertising of the console was to get family together in the living room again. The GamePad itself is stationed as a device you can separate from your TV while others use it. Direction opposition to MS's XBO approach where a user is dominating the TV for game, multimedia, and application use. Interestingly enough, while a user is doing that, another user can be on the Wii U enjoying their game in either the same room or elsewhere. So Wii U fits in both XBO/PS4 environment. It makes an amazing 2nd console. PS4/XBO would be completely useless at this moment to get both of them. (Especially XBO IMO. Least interesting of the 3)

Now a lot of us were hoping even if the tech was a little behind that the 3rd party games on the console would at the very least outperform the PS3/360 since you know.. they were 6 years old. When the reviews of games came out indicating performance issues (either because bottleneck CPU or bad/rushed ports), it became clear the Wii U isn't going to be useful for anything other than Nintendo's games and unique Wii U titles. You can still play 3rd party games on it if you want, but I wouldn't personally bother if you have another platform. This may change if dev's take the time to optimize their games on the Wii U, but honestly it seems devs are overlooking it until it reaches larger numbers

That being said: Nintendo can single handedly create a library of enough unique and exclusive content all by themselves. They are probably the only company capable of a feat like this, and they do it basically every generation of console. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

So what do we have on the Wii U so far as exclusive content?




New Super Mario Bros U (+New Super Luigi U)


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

ZombiU (Not Nintendo btw, Ubisoft)

Lego City Undercover


Nintendo (Dev)

Pikmin 3

Super Mario 3D World

Mario Kart 8

Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze

Super Smash Bros

Next Zelda

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Combo Atlus + Nintendo (Intelligent Systems))*

Nintendo (Publish)

Wonderful 101 (Platinum)

Bayonetta 2 (Platinum)

"X" (Monolith)

Sonic: Lost World (Sega)



Not Exclusive Anymore But: Rayman Legends was supposed to be originally

That is a LARGE list of exclusive games. No other console next generation has this many exclusive titles. And Nintendo hasn't even TOUCHED other large IPs like Metroid, Star Fox, FZero, etc, and are than capable of creating/publishing a new/other IPs to boot.

So... just like every Nintendo console since the N64. You get it because of Nintendo :)

The big problem was we didn't even HAVE much Nintendo love for the last 6+ months... a Nintendo console without Nintendo games isn't much of a console at all. Now that we do, we can be happy :)

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