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Nintendo Wii U


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It didn't have a strong presence, ultimately, and it's only sort of "looking back" at the Gamecube that you see widespread appreciation, because at the time it was seen as the kiddy box.

If you look at sales, it was a flop. I liked the GC library, and some of its games were still profitable, but that was a different economic climate back then. A repeat of a "gamecube generation" would be very damaging to Nintendo.

Nintendo made the Wii and DS in response to the failure of the Gamecube. They knew they needed a different strategy because the GC had made them irrelevant among its competition.

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Wikipedia says:

Although generally receiving positive comments on its software library which includes some of the highest-rated video games ever made,[53][54][55] the GameCube received criticism for its "toy-ish" external hardware design and for lacking some of the technical features of its competitors (such as DVD playback, digital audio output, widespread online support, and widescreen display mode for most games).[56]

The GameCube sold approximately 22 million units worldwide during its lifetime,[5] lagging far behind the PlayStation 2's almost 154 million.[57][58] The GameCube finished its generation slightly behind the Xbox, which sold 24 million units before being discontinued, and well ahead of the short-lived Dreamcast, which sold 10.6 million. The GameCube failed to outsell its predecessor, the Nintendo 64, which sold almost 33 million units in its lifetime.[59]

That said, I bought a GameCube at launch and enjoyed it more than I enjoyed my Wii.

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That said, I bought a GameCube at launch and enjoyed it more than I enjoyed my Wii.

Wind Waker

Luigi's Mansion


Animal Crossing

Skies of Arcadia (yes, it's a port+)

These games left massive impressions on me. It gave me my top two of all-time, the sort of memories I'll take to my grave. I'm a bit enraged it was such a financial mess. It doesn't speak well for getting those sort of games ever again.

Wii gave me Wii Sports, which I enjoyed very much, and a new Animal Crossing. I haven't played Skyward, and I didn't feel the magic with Mario Galaxy. I enjoyed the Wii, but it didn't change my life. I think the precedents were too high.

tl;dr yes, i agree.

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The GameCube had a few standout games. The Wii had a few standout games. I'm sure the Wii U will also have a few standout games, at some point, but it DOES feel like a steady decline to me. I suppose I'd place the Wii above the GC because I DO love Super Mario Galaxy a lot, and Sunshine didn't really compare, but it's sad when it comes down to a single game like that.

I play my Wii U so seldom that even when the controller tablet thinger is fully charged and left off, it loses its charge. I have to plug it in whenever I fire a game up, which is hardly ever. When I do, I have to sit through Nintendo's slow-as-molasses OS, fisher-price GUI (which was cute at one point but stopped being as cute when the speed, or lack thereof, became so apparent), and for some reason ANY network access at all, be it firmware updates, game updates/purchases, etc., is slow as hell on the Wii, 3DS, AND now the Wii U as well.

In contrast, if Sony delivers on its promises, firing up a game on the PS4 is going to be VERY quick, close to instant gratification. I legitimately feel like that will actually get me playing more games, to be honest. The 3-4 minutes it takes to wade through Wii U's bullshit just to reach gameplay seems incredibly outdated to me, and highly problematic.

For me at least, it's less about pure graphical horsepower and more about overall approach and emphasis. I want something elegant and convenient, not something that tries to make the OS itself into a game, at the cost of efficiency, and tries too hard to make peripheral innovation a key component of EVERY game, when it only really works well for CERTAIN games.

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As far as the speed of the Wii U, it could definitely use improvements but its not unusable. The "Summer Update" (which was pushed back to Fall) is supposed to speed things up a bit. The 3.0 update in April sped things up a little bit too

I don't know how anybody couldn't feel the magic from Galaxy... it was such a nice feeling to play that after playing the awful excuse for a Mario 64 follow up that Sunshine turned out to be IMO. To each their own I guess, but I was no fan of SMS. Galaxy was the game I was waiting for since 1996.

I really liked the GCN, but I'd have to say the Wii has so many great games I couldn't rank it higher... but since the Wii is basically a GCN (and plays GCN games) anyway it doesn't really matter. Same difference really

I wasn't talking up the GCN in any sort of manner though. I was simply trying to put things into perspective. I'm under no delusion that the GCN was a hot seller, but that was kinda my point of saying "on the GCN?"

You can't go "well this didn't sell a 3 million copies so it was a niche/failure/not a system seller" if all the hottest games released in the same time era on the same console had similarly low numbers. Everything is relative. You can't pull figures from PS2 or Call of Duty and compare them to GCN numbers.

As far as PS4 Vs Wii U... well, obviously PS4/XBO are going to completely outclass Wii U in sales. Wii U will more than likely rank 3rd (unless XBO tanks), I'm just hoping its still a decently sized number. Wii U is strictly a secondary console you play for whatever games it gets exclusive. PS4/XBO is pretty much for everything else, much like PS3/360 were "Everything else" compared to the Wii. Outside of casuals, younger generations, or diehard Nintendo fanboys, I don't know anybody who used a Wii as a primary console. Made a great 2nd console though.

Thanks to some terrbile design decisions on Nintendo's part, you can't even use it as a replacement for 360/PS3 because 3rd parties have to put effort into getting games to run. Nintendo screwed up big time here. That would of helped sales and kept 3rd parties more interested. Not much that can be done there now

In the end if you want to play a Wii U exclusive title, you can't pop it into a PS4/XBO/360/PS3. Simple as that :/

Conversely, XBO/PS4 make terrible "Second Consoles" if you have PS4/XBO. There is little difference between the two to justify buying the other one

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sorry for the double post but this post would be way too big to fit both of these in. Just some notes on this one (this whole post can probably be ignored, or the one above.. or both. *shrug*):

Rounding Back To Some Figures:

Best Selling N64 Games:

#2 Mario Kart 64 (9 Million)

#5 Super Smash Bros (5 Million)

Best Selling GCN Games:

#1 Smash Bros Melee (7 Million)

#2 Mario Kart DD (7 Million)

#4 Zelda: Wind Waker (4.6 Million)

#20 Pikmin (1.2 Million)

Best Selling Wii Games:

#2 Mario Kart Wii (34 Million)

#6 Wii Fit (22 Million)

#7 Wii Fit Plus (20 Million)

#9 Super Smash Bros Brawl (12 Million)

#17 Donkey Kong Country Returns (4.9 Million)

Best Selling 3DS Game (Still selling):

#1 Super Mario 3D Land (8.3 Million)

#2 Mario Kart 7 (8 Million)

So what games are we seeing on Wii U?

System Sellers For Sure:

Super Mario 3D World: Best Seller Follow Up, System Seller (Mario, and 3D Mario)

Mario Kart 8: Best Seller Across ALL Nintendo consoles, system seller for sure

Super Smash Bros: Always a best seller, definitely a system seller

Wii Fit U: Okay, not really a game per se, but an extremely popular product on the Wii. If Nintendo can convince Wii Fit owners to update, this is a huge system seller. But that is a big IF. The console's price is a major obstacle

Games that should at least peak someones interest in the system:

Zelda WW HD:

Everybody is a sucker for Zelda games (For good reason: They are good!). Whether nostalgic or people that weren't a part of the measly 22 Million GCN owners / 4 million purchasers, this should at the very least catch peoples eyes, if not be a system seller to a small degree.

Pikmin 3: Miyamoto's pet project and a semi popular GCN game. Seems well suited for the Wii U either way. IMO a system seller of sorts, simply because fans have been waiting for another since GCN era and it is built to Wii U's strengths. I bought one for this game at least so you can count at least 1 system sold!

DKCR:TF: Probably not really a system seller, but a popular game none the less, does not hurt to have in the list

Wii Party U: Not exactly a system seller, but something that could attract a casual audience's attention more so than Nintendo Land. A simpler style that people are used to with Wii and simpler games while showcasing what all the Wii U can do.

[Co-Published by Nintendo, exclusive]

Sonic Lost World: Sonic is a pretty high seller on Nintendo consoles (apparently we live in Bizarro World), not sure if it can sell a Nintendo console, but it certainly doesn't hurt if this is the first "Great" Sonic game in a long time. Those terrible Mario & Sonic Olympic games sell well too and those are coming to Wii U. Sonic for better or worse has a following

None of this matters if Nintendo doesn't do some aggressive advertising and probably a price drop.

Nobody is going to buy a Wii U if they A) Don't know what it is B) Confused if its different than the Wii C) Costs as much as a PS4

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Yeah I kinda wish Nintendo would put more effort (and probably budget) into their games, and generally make better games. Maybe they'd even get more sales. They've been playing it safe for too long.

I saw an interview that said they were going to try to make a new franchise, if they pull that off without making it too simple, it could be good.

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Yeah I kinda wish Nintendo would put more effort (and probably budget) into their games, and generally make better games. Maybe they'd even get more sales. They've been playing it safe for too long.

I saw an interview that said they were going to try to make a new franchise, if they pull that off without making it too simple, it could be good.

Eh wha?

I was always of the impression most of Nintendo's first party games are really high quality and high production value, where do you feel the games are failing?

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Mario Kart 8 and Brawl are going to make the Wii U fly like a screaming banshee straight out of hell. You know you want yourself some HD Mario Kart where you can see Bowser's boogers and all that crazy anti-gravity stuff. Also, Pikmin 3 looks pretty awesome. There's a major Nintendo release coming out every month for the rest of the year and the e-shop will finally be heating up as well.

Now Nintendo, since you're all buddy-buddy with Capcom and Sega now's the time to dig into your reserves and get some more exclusives. MEGA MAN anyone? Also, go ahead and buy platinum, sick them on Star Fox, when Retro is done with DKC, give them a two week vacation then crack the whip on whatever you can.

My inner Nintendo fanboy is flying high today. Obviously.

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I'd give up trying to figure out what Brandon wants at this point. I don't think even he knows.

Good games are coming for the Wii U for those who want them. For those who just want to be extremely negative nothing would make them happy

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The question isn't so much effort and production, it's where they put it, e.g. hiring three studios to develop the most shittastically-retarded Metroid game ever created, vs. not getting a decent soundtrack for the NSMB games (still a fucking travesty).

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