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Say hello to our NEWEST JUDGES!!!


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Thanks for all the support guys (as well as the condolences :<). I really appreciate it!

Whoa!! some 20+ evaluations in 24 hours!!?? Guys, I was just joking. You really don't have to work this hard! But awesome job nonetheless.

(or maybe most of them were just waiting for the announcement, I didn't check the dates)

More like the past 3 days, but that doesn't include mixes that passed, which you can't see yet :)


Why? They're both terrible, terrible musicians.

Bout time someone got it right!

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clearly protodome and I should have been made judges because we have share such excellent taste

In all seriousness, I've suggested this before. I would love to see the ensuing shitstorm that would happen when you guys inevitably trolled the fuck out of anyone who submitted anything XD

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One week later: no mixes left in the judging queue. Nutritious and halc start preemptively emailing out NO's to prevent people from submitting.


I think this is all a stunt. They've had enough judges with enough time to close out all these votes before! If not, then it's clear who the remaining judges should be. :-P

But what I really came to say was.. you guys are making my OCD-like refreshing and revisiting of the judge's decisions forum every day seem less OCD due to there actually being things to read when I look now. It's just like visiting any other highly active forum to read a bunch of threads. I LOVE READING THEM. I would recommend other people do too. It gives you a good universal view of what the panel looks for, even if you can't hear the songs. Uhmm so yeah great work.

And the current count is up to....

25 NOs, no idea how many passed. But great work. If you can do 25 in 3 or 4 days then this thing will be knocked out in a couple weeks.

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