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OCR02226 - Legend of Zelda "Nullification"


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this remix is just another reason PR is a personal hero of mine :]

Toootally agree =D. The texturez in this track are so pristine. Honestly I've never heard anything like it. Did you use your micro korg for this sir? I can totally imagine this as the music being played in a real zelda dungeom. Link would be scared shitless at the intro to this monster of a track. Zelda will not be saved.

I really do wish to talk to you, you're a huge inspiration. Probably busy as all hell though. Anyways great work pr hope to hear more music from you.

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@Flexstyle: Yeah, I'm the same. This one (and PR's work in general) is a HUGE crowd-pleaser for all of my non-OCR-savvy friends and Mr. Raptor has actually developed quite a cult following within my social circle, who all happens to really really like hard electronic music :-) This is my "intro to dubsetep" track for anyone who's looking for a creative song to jump into the genre with. Never failed yet :-D

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