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Th game crashes when I try to connect.

The server actually took some finagling to get to work. There are two common tips that seem to provide the most fixes:

1) disable all network adapters except the one that you're connecting on (example: if you use wireless and still have an ethernet one that is unplugged, or if you have a virtual adapter for virtualbox/hamachi).

2) rerun the two packages in the terraria game directory and repair them both. I believe they are xnafx40_redist.msi and dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe

There IS a server password that you will need to get, either from me or from someone else who plays on it (garian, cyrilthewolf, vilecat, maxfrost, etc.). I will check the server during lunch when I go home as well, just to make sure nothing got botched. We had 5-6 people playing at the same time last night.

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My server is up and running! apparently all I needed to do was disable my secondary network connection, and it works. Garian was playing with me earlier.

IP is, password is the same as the ocad server (for those who have been on there) PM me or find me on IRC to get it.

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So, how did we describe this game again? A mix of Minecrack, Methroid, and Zelctasy?

Too addictive.

its like minecraft... in that you dig to build. (you build new tools out of better materials, which makes them do more damage and lets them work faster.)

you dont actually have to dig to explore caves though, you can actually find them relatively easy on the surface(givin that its 2d). caves are filled with monsters and pots(with items in them) and treasure chests (with items in them). oh there are also floating islands with special items and stuff on em.

you've got npcs that you can build houses to make em stay in "town"(i use that word loosely) guide, merchant, nurse, arms dealer, etc.)

youve got a random dungeon on each world, and an underground jungle.

corrupted lands that have shadow orbs you break to find rare items and summon bosses/meteors.

with a little bit of Wow tier gear thrown in. everything after gold gives you set bonuses.

oh, god bless the grappling hook.

yes... im an addict.

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Brycepops: Be patient, the game was released early because of a number of reasons (the official reason was ultra high demand fyi) so some of the components that were meant to be part of the release weren't finished, including standalone dedicated server software. Blue posted on the unofficial Terraria forums basically saying to sit tight-- features that were planned for release are still on their way in the coming weeks, including dedicated server as well as more thorough steam integration, achievements, and desert/sky island content.

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Would anybody like this game? I'm going to be buying the 4pack. No need to pay me back and it wouldn't even be possible considering I don't have paypal or anything. I just figure I might as well since it's cheap. I don't even know if I'll like the game but it did get my interest.

EDIT: SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE. Don't want to flood with request. I'll edit again once all are given away.

EDIT: All gone. Winners my brother, f4t4l, and fusion2004.

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I too had trouble connecting to OCAD server before. Works now no problem. :-)

Just a note to people maybe trying to play with friends on their own map by hosting.. If you're having trouble connecting to your own server, don't use your static IP. Use the one that is like.. or whatever your diverse last number is. That's how I log on to my own "server" and play with friends.

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