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If anyone is looking for a 1.2 server, I have one set up. Just be aware that it is running on a pretty old computer. I have yet to really stress test it (Unless "stress test" includes me and Frost going crazy with confetti guns next to a slime grinder), but it seems to be working fine.


Also, this update is awesome. Why? Walking goldfish. Enough Said.

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took a look at the server, no one was on sadly.

Yeah, sorry about that. I was out most of the day, and just got home. I originally intended to test the server while I was out, but wound up not having internet. :sad:

I'm actually going to try a Pirate Invasion when some people are on the server. I'll just have to beat the WoF first.

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That said, "Rain" music seems to overwrite an awful lot of the surface stuff when it happens.

Ah ok. Thats my problem. I didn't hear the "main" music that usually plays in the grassy area and I got scared.

This is extremely nit-picky too, but I don't like the slimes with umbrellas during rain. It just...doesn't make sense to me.

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Wise fwom youw gwave, thwead!



So hype for this update. :D

I love these guys.  They could have marketed their updates as a whole new game twice over, but they just keep adding free updates to an awesome game I spent $2.50 on (and got again in a Humble Bundle).  I don't know how they stay in business.

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