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Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos - History

k u n g f u c h i c k e n

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Try one of these mirrors for the flash website :

http://dediboite.poutred.net/~blue/s3k/flash/ (dedicated server)

Direct address:

http://blueberrykiwi.free.fr/s3k/ (ISP hosting)

http://blueberry437.free.fr/s3k/ (ISP hosting)

It looks like your ISP is having DNS issues.

Try typing the following in a DOS console :

nslookup projectchaos.info

You should get this answer section:

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: projectchaos.info


(Don't bother accessing it via this IP, since I'm using vhosts it won't work. You may edit your hosts file though, to trick your system: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add a proper line)

Another trick would be changing one of the DNS Server addresses in your network interface properties (TCP/IP settings) and use these ones : / (I've just checked: they DO have a record for the website).

Anyway, all the mirror websites are updated at the same time.

Hope this helps.

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Offtopic (but not really), I'm considering spacing the boss themes out between the songs. Like, every 4 zones get a boss theme thrown in after em. This will break up the huge chunk of boss themes at the end of the first album. Good idea?
I think so. Especially if you put the Sonic 3 boss between Sonic 3 tracks, and the Sonic & Knuckles boss between Sonic & Knuckles tracks. As for the miniboss, I have no idea. Somewhere in the middle, perhaps?

edit: you forgot a tag in your first post. delete this comment when you fix it.

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I hope you plan on finishing those tracks Gamebox, because both of them are pretty cool.

Thanx :) But both are pretty much abandoned (especially since icecap was made in fruity witch i have abandoned). They are pretty old (around 1 and 1/2 year), and not really comparable to the songs i got on the actual project. I will probably re-do icecap from scratch at some point, when vgmix is back up.

@snappleman >> when are we allowed to submit our remixes to OCR if we wish to do so ?

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it's the PC mega collection, because of the Michael Jacksons issues.

Grah misinformation. Programming problems was the reason, no?

I think he means the whole "Micheal Jackson really made the sonic 3 music" theory. Who knows...could be true. Ever heard the Sonic CD music? A few tracks sound like his style of music. I can almost hear him singing over those....

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