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OCR01364 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Anthem of a Misguided Youth"


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This song reminds me alot of Bust a Move from IM

It's just the guiro. :)

Anyway, glad to see that someone caught the big reference to Ballad of the Windfish... I personally thought it was really obvious, but I guess that everyone isn't as religiously familiar with the Link's Awakening soundtrack as I am.

Thanks for listening!


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Haha, I know that chth's been waiting a lot for this mix's posting :) Ironically so i wasn't too hot on Fleeting Ecstacy, but with what came out here I felt that little bit more impressed with the material he has came forth on offer. And as djp said, this is solid proof that chth is a budding musician upon the site, pure and simple.

Heck, I was even there for the mix upon its initial VGMix posting. i'll quote it here for full emphasis -

Production techniques

As he stated in the song description, he provided a crossbreed mix that has involved hints of electronica and hip hop, although I feel given the progressions it felt more rocky/Latin in my honest opinion. Panning has been well realised and accomplished at a very firm quality to easily aid the attention of the listener as a whole, which has been realised well with some solid space around the instrumentation as a whole. The quality of the samples are definitely a big up from what has been granted in previous occasions, which has been shown well through the strengths upon the realistic nature upon the sounds and emphasis via elements of compression, reverb and some interesting delay work; I was also surprised with the guitar recording quality as well, because I almost rubbed it off as a sample before reading the description, but the overall emphasis on that aspect is very impressive. Mind, according to my speakers I thought that the bass EQs are shown to be a bit overdone; outside from there I couldn't sense much wrong in the terms of sound balance or overall mastering management. As far as I can see this has to be his best instrument setting yet - definitely worth absorbing for its target audience.

Compositional structure

The track started off with a creative sound effect intro, as well as a creative intro that has managed to follow the basic chord structures of the source; strong thought on rounding out the orchestrated provisions and vibraphone progressions to help provide what can be shown to be a strong plus in terms of the technical formations. While it can be felt that the vibraphone could have done with some additional expression down the line, it has still worked its part in maintaining a lot of varied interest to begin with - very solid stuff.

The core components of the melody then made its way in at 0:34, which have managed to work well to grant some firm link towards the target audience so far. I found it interesting that he roped in some sound effect work from 0:54 onwards, which have further provided a climatic motion towards the piece at that moment in time given the synths and voice chanting and all. Although I was hoping that the guitar could have had some varied expression work to help maintain the Latin scope of the mix - usually looking into some of housethegrate's stuff can help in seeing how to perform these kind of instruments to their more expressive level - I for one was still impressed with the devious performance work that has been realised upon it. Interesting.

1:04 then started to showcase what can be some rather liberal arrangement of the theme; that has been shown by some improvisational portions upon the light synth instrumentation, the e piano at 1:14, a piano at 1:23 and the acoustic guitar from 1:43 - I for one thought the latter was the better of the four being executed here as a whole, and definitely one to appreciate its more realistic and reflective nature brought upon it. As a whole the creative side has been well executed here, although I feel for some listeners it could be a bit too liberal for some; nonetheless, this is still great stuff.

The main melody for the theme finally came through at 2:13, which has worked well to fit the general feel of the theme even more so than what has been provided within the past section. I for one thought that the interesting synth work at around 2:32 and the following orchestration from 2:43 have also worked well to add in some great thoughts towards mood as a whole, so kudos upon their integration. Even though I would have liked it if those two areas were extended upon and not quite as rushed as they are dynamics-wise, I can honestly say that this is one of the better segments of the mix as a whole.

The core melodic progressions then made their way back in from 2:55 onwards, thus setting the basis for the ending. The guitar has managed to work well to generate a steady closing sequence, which has been worked out well through to the choice of alternate flange positions from 3:15 onwards. The fadeout was also appropriately realised to match, so that's also good to know. However I felt that the texture drop throughout the closing sequence was felt to be a bit steep for its purpose; a bit anti-climatic for some people to witness, but its concept was still thoroughly realised.

In my own personal opinion, I find it to be one of chth's best works in his mix backlog to date; there's a lot of stronger production work applied throughout as well as a fair amount of compositional creativity to be able to make it adapt onto the site. Even the new things really caught my eye! :D But even here I still feel shaky over some of the transitions from one texture into another; there were a few that seemed to feel rather sudden for what they were, although that can be fair in saying that it's tough to blend in happiness and sadness into one mix. I also felt it was a tad bit liberal in some areas, but it's still firm enough to appeal to its audience.

So yeah, as far as I'm concerned it's a pick-up for me, and it's a long-awaited return here for chth. Let's hope to hear more from you in the future, whether it's on the Kirby project, other releases here or otherwise :D

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Here are some small words on my comments about "Fleeting Ecstasy":

Hey, I remember this stuff in the WIP forum. This is cool and in high quality. I love the instruments, the beats and the technique! The saxophone is beautiful! And this work is pure fun too. Pleasant resources. Yay, excellent work by chthonic.

EDIT: This is your first great remix. This don´t finished!

See? I was right. And he is still doing more, bitches.

By the way, I listened this ReMix of Zelda 64 some months ago. This song still cracks me up.

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I love this piece it is very impressive I also caught the Ballad of the Windfish. This is my first post ever . I'll just post on songs that I like in the games and they are remixed here. I won't post on songs That don't Interest me for every person has a diffrent taste. Anyway This song is amazing :)

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I really like this song. It's rare that I can be bothered to most my opinion of a mix, regardless of how good it is, but this one compelled me to post.

I find it strange that I was similarly compelled. I registered just in order to compliment this mix, though I consider dozens of mixes to be worthy of praise for excellence.

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This is one of the better renditions of Gerudo Valley I've heard, right up there with djpretz's version. There's just something about guitars that fit with this theme, although the full string section version I have (not sure who it's by) also works wonderfully. But enough of that. About this peice.

It does have a bit of a carefree feeling, and I think the xylophone-sounding thingy at the beginning convey a hint of a creepy childishness that is emphasized a bit by the synnthstrings that follow. I like the staccattoness of this section, it's an interesting take on the intro to the melody. The instrument choices are very interesting throughout the work. The calmer sections are some of my favorite bits. The high-strung acoustic gives a very nice western feel, and the percussion instrument that sounds like someone scraping a plastic comb fits right into the picture in a surprisingly good way, making the main motif sound like it's a continuation of that percussion, except somehow with tone and life.

I like this a lot. It can be hard covering a track that has been done so often, but when you have a breath of fresh air to add to the mix as you clearly do here, it's definitely worth it.

Good job. Good job.

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Very impressive mix. Some of the techno-ey parts get on my nerves (the very beginning, for example), but all of the instrumental parts are excellent! The way everything fits together so neatly is the beauty of this remix. The only other weakpoint I found was the very end, where it just sorta fades off suddenly and awkwardly...

Still, great job!

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Being a hardcore Zelda fan, this remix is my new favorite. This remix replicates the orginal tunes from Guerdo Valley. In some places it even extends the boundaries, which is good. The tone is laid back and relaxing, and very conforting. Your intro is awesome, don't listen to these kids. Great Job chthonic.


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Woo, nice. I'm gonna weigh in against the intro, I thought the theremin noise was unneeded fluff, but everything else about this piece is fantastic, from the creativity to the mastering to the instrumentation, etc.

This is an instant favorite. Highly reccomended!

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