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OCRA-0004 - Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star


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Rise of the Star - The Kirby's Adventure Remix Collaboration

Official Site: http://kirby.ocremix.org/

Project History Thread: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2277

MP3s are available at the official site, and both MP3s and FLAC encodes are available via BitTorrent. Please download via BitTorrent if you can from OCR's tracker (http://bt.ocremix.org/) and help to alleviate the bandwidth for the mirrors.

This thread is for comments and feedback about the album!


-Shariq Ansari, Project Manager


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Downloading now...

EDIT: I've listened to at least some of every track. I like the progression of the complilation, with the less numbered tracks being more cheerful and up-beat, progressing into more orchestral pieces by the end. I'm just grabbing initial feelings right now, I'll post a full review later.

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Congratulations to DS and all the mixers involved! Great work organizing and seeing this project through to the end! The torrent is downloading now, so I can't wait to hear everything.

(The least we can do as thanks for good free music is to seed, right?)

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Excuse my ignorance, but what's the point of these .flac files I'm getting from the torrent? Each of these are several MB larger than the actual song file, and are making my download about four times longer than it should be.

FLAC files are lossess audio encodes. CD quality with no artifacts like MP3. There's a readme file included.

For more information about FLAC, go here: http://flac.sourceforge.net/

You don't have to download the FLAC files if you don't want to; if you're using a BitTorrent client that supports selecting specific files, just deselect the FLACs. :P

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Excuse my ignorance, but what's the point of these .flac files I'm getting from the torrent? Each of these are several MB larger than the actual song file, and are making my download about four times longer than it should be.

I'm not all too familiar with .flac either, but I'm pretty sure the reason these files are here is because they sound better burned to a CD then .mp3 files.

Also, sorry I didn't have enough space to host the final track in my mirror (mirror #10), but I'm still glad to be helping out.

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I'm currently on track seven, and so far, it's been pretty interesting.

This is probably the first project I've actually given a try, probably because of it's length. All the other ones seem to fall victim to having too many songs, providing for a sloppy overall presentation, and some songs getting left out. Also, the styles between tracks don't differ so much that when you go from one track to the next, nothing seems too out of place, one reason why I hated the Sonic 2 project. I'm also very, very happy that every track is not just a dull trance beat with the original tune playing over it. I utterly despise the genre, and the only track I've heard that sounds like it is track 7, and I don't find this one boring or bad at all. I actually quite like it.

Overall, this one seems to flow better than the other projects that I've heard. Seems more like an actual 'album' rather than just a collection of songs, which is what tends to appeal to me most of the time.

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Some immediate comments while listening to each track:

Drops of Dreamriver - A nice, fairly simple opener to the album. It felt like it dragged on a bit by the end, but overall pretty good and does its job of setting up things to come.

Free Breezin' - Some uber slick guitar work from Darangen. I'm loving this one a lot, I think it's some of the best work I've ever heard from him. Lots of energy, wondefully fills the pivotal track 2 spot.

Cosmic Transformations - The project's first single, so to say. Love that intro, builds up the mood perfectly. Some wonderful effects every here and there, technically quite impressive. A strong contribution.

Creampuff Starship - It's got that analoq groove written all over it in kind of a mellowed down style. Oooh, 3:22 is where that signature reverb guitar comes in, and it's as sexy as ever. Great stuff.

Kirby...tacular - Rellik's technical prowess is at full display here. Those synth effects are the best I can recall hearing from him. A short but very sweet track.

The Ballad of Sir Kibbles - Wow, this one really impressed me. Guitar intertwines with electronica and piano, all done very seamlessly. Very heartfelt, good structure to the song, may be my favorite track thus far.

Starbound - Was really looking forward to this one. chthonic has been on an absolute roll lately, everything he's put out in recent days has been gold. This one is no different. Crazy effects, varied instrumentation, and solid composition were all expected and he delivers yet again.

Generalized Vegetal - This one has an interesting sort of march beat to it, a breath of fresh air after all the trance beats before it. Good stuff.

Aviator Soul - Darkesword orchestral! Stirring stuff, and good juxtaposition with...

Final Flight - Hot electronic work from Darkesword, who shows off his versatility. It gives us the sense that this album is winding down with its fast pace, like the sense of urgency in the final battle. Nice choice on using a fade-out, it gives me the image of Kirby flying off into the night...

Dreams of Valor - Yet another GL and Bladiator collaboration success. I'm not familiar with Hemophiliac, so I can't even begin to guess what his contributions were to this song. A majestic and great closer to this wonderful album.

Overall, a very enjoyable listen. No track in particular stood out above the others, as every track was good stuff. Kudos to Darkesword for a great theme, congrats to you all for a very succesful endeavor.

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Aw man, I'm tempted to waste a disc in burning it off this instance. New Darangen at VGMix, new Adhesive Boy stuff over here, new project page too (which doesn't work at my end but the old one still does)... oh man. I'm so excited just to hear into your stuff. :D

However it won't be until tomorrow morning my time that I'd eventually do so (yes, one computer still has a broken sound card and the other still has no net connection) but I'll be able to share my feedback with you all. And no, I won't go as in-depth as I do in the PRC; that would be ridiculous. :P

Congratulations on the project Ansari-sama, and here's to one of the most unique projects granted to OCR thus far!

That's it. After I finish off Dragon Warrior 3, which shouldn't be too long now, I will get started with actually playing Kirby's Adventure. Ph33r meh.

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