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December is OCR Reviews Month! SAVE OCR!


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Updated totals:

User Reviews: 209 * 50 = 10450

OA Reviews: 18 * 50 = 900

21000 - 10450 + 900 = 11450

COME ON! He's almost down to half health! That's where he reveals his true form: a giant shaved head on top of a seriously looking cat head that shoots lasers from its eyes.

"I’m H A P P Y . . ."

Don't get too excited about half-health. I'll be disappointed if this is OA's only form...

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Gonna chime in with a status update really quickly.

Total User Reviews: 283 (-14150 HP)

OA Reviews: 18 (+900 HP)


Don't slack off here now! With there also being 62 mixes that have less than 10 reviews, they also require some similar love here, so please make us happy and get towards them :)

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