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December is OCR Reviews Month! SAVE OCR!

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OA has attained the ultimate power of the ReMix, but has been driven mad in the process! If he is not stopped, he will destroy all of the OCR kingdom!

King DJPretzel and the ReMix Knights need your help, as the only thing that can damage him and bring him to justice is YOUR REVIEWS!

Each review will take 50 HP off his total, but it's not that easy- he has also discovered the epic power of ReMix ReViews, and each review he completes will heal him for 50 HP!

It is up to the community to band together and defeat OA once and for all (and then loot him for treasure)!

Here is how it works-

1. Post Reviews on ReMixes throughout the month of December

2. Link your reviews in a single post in this thread

3. Defeat OA!

4. Profit!

OCR is donating some legendary treasure from it’s coffers to the would-be heroes:

Each review you do will be counted as a single entry into a raffle that will be drawn randomly in January; but only if there is a Kingdom left to award the treasure!

*Three $35 eStarland gift certificates - King’s appreciation? Forget that, show me the money!

*Three custom form avatars - Show the entire kingdom who the *real* hero is!

View the seriousness of the situation here, with a video by Chernabogue!

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A splendid idea. I noticed you've reviewed every (or almost every) mix on the site which I must say is an impressive task. I've considered reviewing a large number myself (though probably less in total) but haven't gotten around to it.

Challenge accepted.

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Haha :J

So the premise of the first post is so terrible that I feel completely compelled to help the site out and review remixes for actually using it. :P

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Quick question: what sort of review will qualify as a hit?

versus this:

I don't plan to be cheap. I will try to do my best with each review. I just want to avoid doing too little, but not have to write an essay.

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And here we go, take that OA!












Total Review Count: 91

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Every song on the site is a stretch, but I do indeed have a plan to chip in. :)

I have a preference for covering lesser-reviewed tracks, to STUN the diabolical OA by my more delicate approach. They should be nowhere near as flamboyant as my actions in the VGMix days, but I am game to see what I can do.

Dec 1

Boktai "The Darkness Fears Light, and We Fear the Darkness"

Dennis "Desktop Dynamite"

FF5 "Twisted Devil, Grinding Soul"

Legend of Zelda: OoT "Dark Shores of Hyrule"

NiGHTS "Overnight Cloverleaf"

Ninja Warriors "Crispy Crimson"

Pokemon Red "Rain Prayer"

Reset Generation "Remix Generation"

Dec 2

Legend of Zelda: ALttP "Labyrinth of Dance Floors"

Legend of Zelda: LA "Lucidic"

Metroid Prime "Solitude"

NBA Jam "From Downtown"

NiGHTS "Celestial Entrance"

Sonic 1 "Finality (Radio Edit)"

Sonic 2 "Chemical Blip"

Streets of Rage "Groove On"

Wild Guns "With the Gold Comes the Curse"

Zelda 2 "Zelda's First Trip to the 'Village'"

Dec 3

DKC2 "Can't Stop the Hot-Head Bop"

Lufia 1 "Fear and Courage"

MM7 "Slash Claw"

Pokemon Red "Out of Antidote"

Pokemon Gold "Slowpoke Shuffle"

Streets of Rage "Retouch the Boss (Short Edit)"

Wizards & Warriors "Sweet Plum Aspara"

Xenogears "Bonds of Sea and Fire"

Dec 4

Battletoads & Double Dragon "Enter the Toad"

CT "Glenn"

Killing Game Show "Prime Time"

Legend of Zelda: ALttP "Fushigina Forest"

Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat "Wawoow! Training Exercises"

NiGHTS "Beyond the Dream"

Sonic 1 "Subsonic Sparkle"

Tindead "Level 1 Theme (Brain Bucket Mix)"

Dec 5

Chaos Field "Knowing Heart, Distant Noise"

FF5 "Little Black Book"

FF Legend 2 "Heroes"

One Man and His Droid "Do Droids Dream of Ramboids?"

Pokemon Gold "Argent Vexemon"

Reset Generation "Steriloids"

Sunset Riders "Bleeding Guns"

Top Gear 3000 "Shop Mix"

Dec 6

Castlevania 2 "A Belmont's Curse"

FF1 "Stronghold of Chaos"

FF7 "BadAzz"

FF11 "A Cinematic Heaven"

G.I. Joe "Real American Hero"

Legend of Zelda: ALttP "Bottled Choir"

MM3 "A Daring Escape"

MGS4 "Routine of War"

NiGHTS into dreams... "Twin Seeds Flyby"

Shadowgate "Death Rave"

Dec 7

Donkey Kong (GB) "Duel of the Apes"

DKC2 "Tetanus"

Marble Madness "raMble and Mess"

MM4 "Pharaoh's Last Dance"

MM9 "Origami Robots"

Perfect Dark "Dark Conflict"

Shadows of the Beast 2 "mutagene"

Space Harrier "Spaced"

Dec 8

Bubble Bobble "This is Not a True Ending (Asphyxiation)"

Castlevania Bloodlines "Crimson Twilight"

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 "Jazz Castle Adventure"

MM2 "Leaf Storm"

SD3 "Not So Ordinary People"

Tempest 2000 "vaili underground mix"

Wizards & Warriors "It's Knighttime"

Wolfenstein 3D "Blazkowicz's Great Escape"

Dec 9

Blazing Lazers "Industrial Bubbles"

DDRMax Dance Dance Revolution "Insomniac Skies"

Ghosts n' Goblins "Ghosts n' Condoms"

Goonies II "I'm Taking It All Back"

Green Beret "HardCore"

Legend of Dragoon "Deadbeat"

Pokemon Sapphire "My Friend Mudkip"

Zanac "Mode7 Medley"

Dec 10

Animal Crossing "Mr. Soccerball"

FF7 "Sephiroth's Wake"

Legend of Zelda: OoA "Keep Your Nightmares"

MM9 "The Skull Fortress"

Pokemon Red "Drowning Blue"

Secret of Mana "Whispering Prayers"

Space Harrier "BIT Live Arcade"

Super Mario Bros. 2 "The DarK Underground"

Dec 11

Dragon Warrior "Timeless"

Jurassic Park "Raptor Waltz"

Legend of Zelda: SS "Skyward"

Mario Paint "BLind is Dah BomB"

MM2 "Crash and Burn"

Missile Master "Electric Hotslug"

Ninja Gaiden "Floor Master Ninja"

Xenogears "Dale of the Wind"

Dec 12

CT "The Mellow Corridor"

FF5 "Edge of Valor"

Highway Hunter "Fast Cars, Russian Cigars"

Last Ninja 2 "Central Park Metal Mix"

Lufia 2 "Time Preserved ~ April Showers"

Mega Turrican "Turrimann"

NiGHTS "The NiGHT Has Just Begun..."

Pokemon Red "Out of the Palace"

Tales of Phantasia "as time goes on (you are love to me)"

Dec 13

Deflektor "Laser Dance"

FF1 "Trancelude"

Frogger "Stomp Box"

King Kong 2 "End of the Adventure"

Metal Gear "Snake Infiltrates"

Reset Generation "Plumber's Last Stand"

Shinobi "Phat Musashi"

Sonic 1 "Shifting Islands"

Dec 14

CT "Schala's Paradise"

Maniac Mansion "Manic Mugenical"

MM2 "Bubbleman Electron"

Minecraft "Squishy's Theme"

Pokemon Gold "Champion's Horizon"

Street Fighter 2 "Loco Blanka"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Go Ninja, Go"

Ultima 6 "Gates of Creation"

Dec 15

Armored Core: Formula Front - Extreme Battle "We Can See No.373"

Blaster Master "TI Blasta Party"

Descent "Lost in the Mines"

DKC2 "How K. Rool Went Insane"

FF8 "Estharian Airs"

God of War 2 "Born of Ashes, Baptized in Blood"

Highway Hunter "The Final Stretch"

Sonic 1 "Final Progression"

Xenogears "Indie Rock Dajil"

Dec 16

Armored Core: Nexus "Hyper Monkey Likes the Dancefloor"

DKC2 "Party's Over Here!"

FF5 "A Healer's Touch"

MM6 "Yamato Spear"

MM9 "Pitched in Suspense"

Missile Master "Frozen Hotslug"

Pokemon Red "Shades of Red"

Return All Robots! "WillRocky"

Secret of Mana "Time in the Clouds DX"

CURRENT TOTAL: 135 (-6750 HP)

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I shall do what little I can.

December 2

StarTropics "FlowTropiks"

Solar Jetman "Diamond Worlds"

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance "I Need Scissors! 61!"

December 6

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Bottled Choir"

December 9

Super Metroid "Zebesian Midnight"

December 15

Mega Man 2 "Air Shooter"

Mega Man 6 "Yamato Spear"

Mega Man 7 "Slash Claw"

Final Fantasy VII "The Planet is Dead"


December 17

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest "Mystic Mountain (2LATEMix)"

December 23

Final Fantasy VII "Black Wing Metamorphosis"

Kingdom Hearts "Destiny Forgotten"

Final Fantasy IX "Weeping Shards"

Deflektor "Cover Your Light"

Animal Crossing "Letting Go"

Sonic Heroes "The Wingless Butoh"

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Facing Fears"

Kirby's Dream Land 2 "Puffball Promenade"

NiGHTS into dreams... "She Can Has Long Ears"

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "The Feather's Reflection"

Pokémon Red "Out of Antidote"

NiGHTS into dreams... "The Nemesis Schema"

The Ninja Warriors "Crispy Crimson"

Final Fantasy IV "Path of Deception"

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "Lucidic"

Sonic the Hedgehog "Hogtied"

December 24

Metroid "KR44441D"

Super Dodge Ball "Friendly Fire"

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Keep Your Nightmares"

Mega Man X4 "The Father of All"

Mega Man 9 "A New Beginning"

Mega Man 9 "Origami Robots"

Wild Arms "Succumb to the Wilderness"

Mega Man 3 "A Daring Escape"

Mega Man 2 "The Wily Malfunction"

Donkey Kong Country 2 "How K. Rool Went Insane"

Sonic the Hedgehog "Shifting Islands"

Final Fantasy IX "The Rose General"

Final Fantasy Legend II "Heroes"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Go Ninja, Go"

Sonic the Hedgehog "Fifty Rings to Ride"

Super Mario Bros. "Mario's Tropical Paradise"

December 25

Pokémon Red "Shades of Red"

Final Fantasy V "Edge of Valor"

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Mr. Stork, May I Go Home..."

Banjo-Kazooie "Malevolent Mansion"

VVVVVV "Clubbed Baby VVVVVVeal"

Pokémon Trading Card Game "Ascent Through the Atmosphere"

Mega Man X2 "Beamsabre Beat ZERO v2"

Final Fantasy V "Dragon Wings"

Shinobi "Shin Shuriken Jam"

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Snowboardin' Sonic"

Donkey Kong Country 2 "Brambles in the Breeze"

Final Fantasy VI "Enchanted Esper"

Golden Axe II "Battle Axe-Wielding Dwarf"

Donkey Kong Country 2 "Forest Birdcussion"

Donkey Kong Country 2 "Tetanus"

Castlevania: Bloodlines "Crimson Twilight"

---(done at a later time, same day)--

Castlevania "Wicked Six"

Double Dragon II "Twin Blood"

Final Fantasy VII "Lunatic Moon"

Final Fantasy VII "Scenes from a Memory"

Super Hang-On "Burn, Baby, Burn!"

Tales of Phantasia "The Unholy Wars"

Tales of Phantasia "Summoned Without Reason"

Castlevania II "The Accursed Seal"

Final Fantasy V "The Path to Glory"

Mega Man 9 "The Skull Fortress"

NiGHTS into dreams... "Beyond the Dream"

Earthbound "The Great Blizzard of '9X"

Donkey Kong Country 2 "The Forest That Never Sleeps"

Ecco: The Tides of Time (GEN) "Another Seascape"

Final Fantasy V "Sinking Deeper"

Ecco: The Tides of Time (GG) "Waves of Stone"

Donkey Kong Country 2 "Party's Over Here"

Sonic the Hedgehog "The Sound of Speed"

Final Fantasy IV "Éminence Grise"

Final Fantasy IV "Fighting for Tomorrow"

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Mission: Defeat OA Kefka and bring peace to the OCR Kingdom. Target Sighted...Mission BEGIN!

Actually, this will be a perfect way for me to keep track of the ReViews I do over the course of the month. So Far: 108 Second Form OA Count: 46

Dec. 1

Dec. 2

Dec. 3

Dec. 4

Dec. 5

Dec. 7

Dec. 8

Dec. 9

Dec. 12

Dec. 13

Dec. 14

Dec. 16

Dec. 17

Dec. 19

Dec. 20

Dec. 21

Dec. 22

Dec. 23

Dec. 24

Dec. 31

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Here's a great tip:

1) go to reviews forums

2) Sort by Number of Reviews (Ascending)

3) review some underreviewed stuff.

Who knows, MAYBE YOU'LL FIND SOMETHING NEW YOU LIKE. It could totally happen.

It makes me sad to see any reviews thread with less than 10 replies because of how unique all the songs are.

Edit: My reviews

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I have about 7 done starting from 0001. Because like OA I plan to hopefully review every song, granted not all in December as trying to do that would be insane, but it's a good enough start point. And it makes it somewhat easy to keep track of what you're doing. I'm keeping all the links in notepad anyway and will post 'em when I get closer to done. :-P

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I do honestly hope that some of the people reviewing are not just glancing over songs/playing them once just for the sake of writing one or two sentences, to me that's not much better than not saying anything.

It's about impact. I'd give songs more than one listen, give them some time to be absorbed, thought over, dwelled on a little bit before commenting, at least that's what I always do.

Yes, reviewing a song is a step up from no review at all, but no remixer wants to see:

"This is okay and neat and here is a vague comment and you can tell I didn't really listen to it much, nice job I guess"

And would rather have some real feedback.

In other words, reviews are both for encouraging the remixer for how well they did if you like the song, but also are a good place for people to critique songs in-depth. Nothing is better than knowing that someone actually "listened" to your song, for good or for bad.

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That's what I do Katie - I pay attention to the tracks, comparing with the source material and stating what I hear. I even am evaluating these through a new pair of studio headphones too for added clarity, so I can assure you any review I link in here would be longer than just 2 or 3 sentences.

And I'm pretty sure others would do the same too - it's the spirit of giving for a reason :wink:

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I'd also like to add:

This is a really good time for the people who have a favorite few remixes, but have never commented on them, to speak up!

If you love a song a ton, say so! Gush over it if you haven't already!

And if there is a song that you reviewed once already, but have changed an opinion on, hell review it again.

If you don't want to review songs you have zero familiarity w/ then at least write about ones you already know. And while you're doing that, add some of the songs with less reviews to your playlist, and when you DO fall in love w/ them, you can review them too!

It's a great way to give back to the people who are releasing free music to you. Just tell them how you feel about their music. Let them know they did :nicework:

And for those who missed it:

1) Go to Reviews Forums

2) Sort by Number of Reviews (Ascending)

3) Review some underreviewed stuff.

Who knows, MAYBE YOU'LL FIND SOMETHING NEW YOU LIKE. It could totally happen.

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