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Shigeru Miyamoto stepping down as head of Nintendo EAD


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Miyamoto so short

when he step down

nobody notice

should've been a haiku

I dunno how I feel about this. I guess it says something about me that I had a much stronger reaction to this reading the title than when I heard someone I knew died a few weeks ago.

But if he's still making games...that's good. What kind of games though? Are we going to see cute minigames like Wii Music and those Brain Age type games? Or is he going to make us something creative along the lines of Pikmin? I always wished Miyamoto had a more direct role in making games, just to see what he'd do, so maybe this will be a good thing. i dunno.

Zelda is in good hands, I guess Mario is doing pretty okay. The idea that the shadowy head of the Shiggy will no longer be behind the games that I love makes me sad though. That guy was like that extra father that I didn't really need, but sort of appreciated anyway.

And now he's moved on :cry:

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I was actually quite pleased with the article, since it says he's wanting to train the younger generation. I mean, if he didn't, what would happen to the beloved series he's helped create and influence when he retired? Now we'll have people to step in and take his place when the inevitable comes to pass that will hopefully be able to keep up the level of quality we've come to expect from his legendary series (I've been using "series" as a plural, btw, if anyone thought I was being strangely ambiguous; kinda confusing word, honestly). It can be like the Legend of Zelda. Instead of the "spirit of the Hero", each generation at Nintendo can pass on the "spirit of the Developer" (and we can force them to change their name to Shigeru Miyamoto every time :-P). lol

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Let's back up a second here...

I don't care if that's the same link as in the OP. There's new info, and it just says that he isn't stepping down as head of EAD, but he will be taking an active role in training younger employees.

Thanks for the update, Mirby. Sorry for getting everyone riled up over a mis-translation! :(

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