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OCR02359 - EarthBound "The Great Blizzard of '9X"

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Happy Christmas! Yes, it wasn't a white Christmas out here in the UK either (though we did have a hint of light snow last week), but with halc at the wheel it could soon be made whiter than Larry contracting the flu. :razz:

So it starts out very different from the source with the rhythm part providing a different set of chords, before going into a more faithful adaptation of the source. And for the second go-around at around 1:30 it does start playing with a lot more melodic ideas that show his ways of improvisation. Even the ending felt gentle with the slightly thinner texture (made up for with some incredible stereo shifting work) going into the second phase of the melody, and the filtering out at 2:54 was neat too; a very subtle way to end the track and I dig it.

Though, this track's guilty of having too much silence at the end - 10 seconds at that. I admit, I'm guilty of this too on one of my own subs, but it might be a fishy oversight for the casual listener.

So in terms of halc arrangements, he had definitely stepped up arrangement-wise since this one, but it managed to stand the test of time well with the way the simple chiptune synths were handled and processed as they are. A very appropriate Christmas submission, so way to go :)

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The source track here is so beautiful; it fits the "ice level" musical style while not really being for an ice level (more like a snow-covered town, at least in the original game). halc masterfully chippifies the source (even more so than its original feeling) while adding little references to other songs. It's a great listen, and a must for any fan of the source. Or the series. Or halc. Or chiptunes...

Okay, it's a must-listen for HUMANITY. There.

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