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Merry Christmas!


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Happy Wookie Life Day!

But seriously, I'm surprised I haven't seen a Christmas thread yet (besides the album thread, but that doesn't count). You'd think everyone was spending this time with their families or something like that. Lame.

So yeah, Jesus was symbolically born on this day so Santa could bring us presents. What kind of loot did ya'll get?

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My brother and I accidentally got each other the same game, Dark Souls for PS3. I'll be returning the one I bought and getting him something else. I got a couple shirts, a calender, a couple Newegg gift cards, a book, and a few other little things. And a Barnes and Noble gift card from my OCR Secret Santa.

Oh and of course the samples from the FF9 project. Thanks Fishy!

Merry Christmas and such to everyone.

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Merry Christmas~!

Got a new monitor, some new gloves and boots, a couple hundred dollars worth of PSN cards (thanks you guys at work if u ever read this!) and some titles off of steam for myself as well as a couple of friends.

Oh and a new 2TB My Book drive "for all

music I keep finding and
" as a good friend said to me.

Gonna be spending the rest of the day with family and friends.

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A very merry Christmas to y'all, too! I've been blessed to spend the last few days with various parts of my excellent extended family, and there's more to come.

Got a four-figure sum of money in cash (enough to fix my car, holy cow!), some much-needed articles of clothing, and some delicious snacks...and the day's not even over yet.

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Merry Christmas, y'all! I felt good spending time with my family and various parts of my extended family, and there's still more to go by as the week goes on. True, didn't quite go as planned as we usually go to THEM but it ended up being the other way round and thus they end up leaving a bit early, but it was still fine.

The one gift that I wanted this year was Rayman Origins, and I got it, and am doing well with it so far; about 30+ electoon cages broken out of nearly 250 on the first day, and I'm still game to see what I can do.

Possibly the most hilarious present I opened was a puppet of Soo from The Sooty Show; I had puppets of Sooty and Sweep when I was younger and I STILL have them now, though I never had a proper Soo; had to make shift a regular panda puppet in the past. But seeing that simply left me in hysterics :razz:

One that similarly got a hilarious amount of use was a Stylophone that was hidden away in the presents. A simple little thing, but it still feels very flexible and may find its uses somewhere; maybe not any serious remixes, but still.

So yes, hopefully many others had solid Christmases as well, and still will be :)

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Merry Christmahanukkwanzahumanyulenaliastice to all!

My haul thus far:

"A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking

"The Universe in a Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking

"The Chronicles of Harris Burdick," a collection of short stories inspired by one of my favorite books as a child, "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick."

I asked my parents to, rather than getting me anything, take all the money they would have spend and donate it to charity, which they did (specifically, they donated to the SPCA).

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