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OCR02371 - Dynamite Headdy "Trouble Brewin'"


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By far the best happy-hardcore offering on the site, I mentioned in my vote (and I believe this might have been my first vote cast as a judge, as an aside!) that this toes the line nicely between being a serious attempt in the genre and being a self-parody, of sorts, and I think you know exactly how to meld the best of both worlds. I'm not gonna lie, I laughed when that obnoxiously loud happy-hardcore kick/bass combo dropped in, rocked out for a few bars, then it moved right back into the kind of clear, punchy Flexstyle production I know and love. Very slick mix dude, I think you achieved everything you wanted to with this track!

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Totally missed this yesterday with the OCR blackout. Yay for Headdy! bounce.gif

Huge thank to Mike for not only taking valuable time from his busy schedule to join our modest unofficial project, but also for pouring his heart into this mix and doing justice to an obscure game, a wacky source and a downright crazy boss character. Even though he has numerous mixposts and is an amazingly skillful musician/producer, Flexstyle is one of the most down to earth, easy to talk to and work with artists on this site. I can only wish more famous remixers shared the same open-mindedness and unconditional love of VGM.

At first, Mike had a different, more progressive electro version in the works, that sounded like a mix of Masashi Hamauzu and Hiroshi Okubo. Dunno if mastering the DKC3 album had an influence on his decision to switch to a completely different direction, but it was undoubtely for the best. Backstage and SuperFinagler battles being high-speed chases sequences with frantic action and non-stop craziness, this happy hardcore rendition of 'Hustle Maruyama' fits the context perfectly. This reminds me at times of the Sampling Masters (Shinji Hosoe & Ayako Saso) with this magic and dynamic electronic alchemy that gets you pumped. The nice change of pace during the break at 1:41, with furious glitching breakbeats and nasty sturated bass, adds an underlying element of tension and unpredictability that suits the persona of Maruyama/Trouble Bruin perfectly.

Overall, it's a superb harcore-electro track, very uplifting and accessible, and a fitting tribute arrangement that can be (and hopefully will be) enjoyed by a wide audience, regardless of any prior knowledge of the game. :smile:

Don't forget to check the tribute album for which Trouble Brewin' was originally created, at http://kngi.org/dhsbp.

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