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Nice, sexy funky little track right here. Love the little voice sample right before the clavinet, and man, the ReMix just grooves right with me. Sweet work with the Jazz flute. So much love for this piece. Oh yeah, I'm ready. Put ya guns on!

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This mix finally made me register for the forums just to post about how awesome it is. This X5 track has been one of my favorites since the first time I played it, and this funk twist on an otherwise very techno-style track made my jaw hit the floor. Simply amazing!

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Let the chair dancing commence. This is probably the first time a good number of years that I have actually been sad because of the fact that a song is ending. this is also one of the songs I can listen to repeatedly when my player gets stuck on replete 1 and not go "why am i still listening to this"

Awesome mix, love the funk.

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