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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012


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Awww, you guys, shucks. Glad you all like it! Big thanks to DiGi for getting me some HECTIC rhymes in a 24 hour period. Never mixed rap into a track before, so it was a challenge, but it was fun, and certainly not the last collab we'll ever do (Helloooooo VROOM :) )

OKIES! Gonna get a cuppa, chill and listen to the entries now (Magellanic, dude, can't WAIT to hear your track! SO EXCITE!!! We both had some incredible source-age to work with.

On another note, sheesh, it's been a busy morning!!! -- LOVE YA MUM!!! :D

EDIT: SHIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAT Peeps, you all brought it this week, eh? Brilliant stuff! Voting is a bitch though... so many great tracks.

EDIT EDIT: Just finished. This round was GREAT! Got all my votes done too - close call on a lot of them. Congrats to everyone for kicking off the comp in such a grand fashion.

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Lol, you weren't kidding :P

Yeah, it was pretty evident that I just threw the ending together after the skid sound effect...oh well; I knew I didn't really have a chance, and after finally listening to the mixes, it's pretty much confirmed! Bonus points for anyone who can point out all of the little shout-outs I sprinkled in there besides the two main sources.

Also, .nsf for anyone who wants it can be found over on the FamiTracker forums: http://famitracker.com/forum/posts.php?id=3524

Yes, VRC6 in FamiTracker...we retro up in diz bitch.

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Yeah, it was pretty evident that I just threw the ending together after the skid sound effect...oh well; I knew I didn't really have a chance, and after finally listening to the mixes, it's pretty much confirmed!

Haha, I was more poking fun at your word choice (a "craptastic ending," literally hahahaha). I actually really liked your mix, and the end makes me laugh EVERY FUCKING TIME. Plus extra points for using a tracker. But, Ben's been improving even more lately, and hot damn, when he gets excited about a mix the thing's gonna be killer

Initial reaction to listening to every song, Ben Briggs wins round 1. Best song of the lot. My second favorite is probably Phonetic Hero's. Wait a second... Phonetic is a potential round 2 opponent and Ben is a potential round 3 opponent for me. EEP!

Glad you're digging it... And it looks like we may get our match after all! Excited :D

And MAJOR props to Jake for putting together a GREAT piece in only 7 hours. Well done dude

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what in the?!..... i started listening to the tracks...

GGGGGGOOOOOOOOTTTT DAAAAAAAAAAYYYYUUUUM. you all are some greedy mofos. so many sick nasty grooves.


sorry for posting incoherently and with capslock rage, but these kids are blowing my mind with these beats, man.

good job to everyone, yo.

man, i'm glad i've been keeping quiet instead of trash talking. good god, mr. briggs you can father ma babies mane, just throwing it out there.

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oh, sorry for blowing off your question. i'm still jamming to some of the tracks.

i dunno what darkesword or superiorx will say, but i think it'd be good idea to not change your vote more than thrice for obvious reasons. but i know what you mean, a lot of em were really close. i personally just voted for the tracks that made me bob my head harder or start drooling from having my jaw dropped for so long. :nicework:

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i'm not a fan of rap but seriously nice work you two.
I'm easily in the love boat for Akumajo's track this week; wasn't expecting him to tow a guest vocalist (or rapper?) out of nowhere, and that was pretty damn sweet!

Much appreciated for the compliments, people! :) I do feel that the odds are against us, as much of a 'secret weapon' as i might have been i'm also a rapper and that is certainly not everybodies cup of tea. At the end of the day though i knew this and did the best i could in the time i had so really any vote of support i get for anything i've done here humbles me greatly. So thank you!

Thank you sir! Hearing your collab with Robbie was a pleasure! It was a really fun track. I think I've only heard the one OCR song from you off the NiGHTS album, so it was awesome to hear some more stuff from you!

Yeah, i only did that one tune on the NiGHTS album so it was good to dip in to something new and i'm glad i was invited along for this battle-fest! As last minute as it was, i'm glad to be here. Thanks for having me on board :)

Well... it was certainly a good, fun round. I knew before the voting began that my matchup would be an overkill but damn.......I love your track Akumajo.....that's what makes it sting so much more! The rapping is just awesome Digi. Top stuff guys! Mucho respecto on an excellent collaboration!
Oh, this is far from over, man. Your work has won you many votes so it's anybodies game by this point! Your mix was good, probably one of my favourites from the whole Round and if you wasn't up against AkumaJo and me then you would have got my vote.

It's dawning on me that if it's getting difficult to choose votes now ...can you imagine how tough it's going to get later on in the later stages? D: ....i dread to think how i'm going to choose votes then. Good lord, if AkumaJo and Ben Briggs end up facing off then i really will be stuck! XD

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Question: provided this is done when voting is still open, am I allowed to edit/change my vote? A couple of these were really hard to pick and I may end up changing my mind as I listen over the coming week.

Yeah you are allowed to change your vote. Just make sure your final vote is in the voting thread by the time the voting round ends, which will always be the following Saturday at 12pm EDT.

Also a reminder to everyone - make sure you are voting in every match-up in the round! If you don't vote in each match-up then none of your votes will count. Thanks!

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