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OCR02422 - Nemesis the Warlock 'Nemesis the Doorlock'

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you deserve more than this but it's all i can give.

huge props. as a long-time doors fan i was a bit nervous after reading the write up but just like that indie zelda track that came out recently i was blown away by the production and arrangement creativity.

some will love this, some will hate it. you've got my vote though!:nicework:

grooooovy vibes maaaaaan.... far out.

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Not sure how I feel about the style employed - it seems to evoke thoughts of old western movies, but not quite. The song feels underdeveloped to me, but that might have to do with many songs back then - not my cup on tea on that front and I wish more was done personally there. Otherwise, the song appears to be well crafted with the instrumentation and their usage. I love that guitar and the synthetic organ appearance in particular.

Hope to hear more from Makke in the future!

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I actually dig the late 60's (if I didn't read the write-up, I'd have guessed early 70's) style arrangement and the vocals here. It's interesting and done pretty damn good. Just has that classic rock sound down and I have to give you a hell of a lot of props for it. Lot of things going for the positive column in this ReMix.

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I have a mighty appreciation for this, pretty much. Maaann, I need to go back to some Doors listening for sure. I only feel the production is a little bit too clean.. and yeah, I wouldn't have minded the piece being longer, like with a dirty organ solo at the end or something. I also do think the panning works, it doesn't even sound "unbalanced on purposed" to me, I didn't particularly notice it before reading the write-up.

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Oh damn! I actually don't like the intro here, it was too long, so I'd like to hear more variation there, but then I hear the vocals and... BOOM!! I'm blown away. They're so awesome, so catchy. I'd also like to hear crazy guitar/organ solo at the end, but this is nice too.

P.S. My favorite verse is about Thomas de Torquemada :nicework:

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