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OCR01401 - Castlevania III "A Clockwork Vampire"

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the recording is a bit soft and "distant". I know it's hard to record a piano with good levels and without clipping etc. The composition is excellent and the playing dynamics are very precise. (I can appreciate that cuz i play piano too :P) The arrangement seems almost like a fugue..with the next idea spinning from the previous & combined later in the piece. I'm not familiar with the origional so i'm not sure to what extent it does that in the first place, but i really like that style. Anyway good work, and im hard to please lol

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Great Remix, it brings back some great Vampire Slaying memories...

Well anyhoo, the overall melody is very well done, with that "distant" feeling it has giving the idea that the tune is being played in a large, abandoned castle ball room, house to a now dead boss (Dracula?)...But i digress, that feeling really complements the overall tune and it seems that the room gets more and more enemies as the tempo picks up, and soon there is a full fledged battle going on, ending with a boss duel (vampire killer).

Great tune, fits the CV style completly. Albeit a little short (i want more!!) there is no complaint i have about it!

Keep up the Good Work

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Amazing. The piano skill in this number is phenomenal. So good, in fact, that no accompaniment is neccessary. And, after watching that vid (which brought tears to my eyes), I'm just stunned. You make the world a better place.

My only (minor) complaint is, of course, the combination of songs. Most disagree with me on this, but this is OC Remixed not OC Recombined. Please, don't take me wrong: I love this tune and the skill.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01401 - Castlevania III "A Clockwork Vampire"

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