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MAGFest 11 OCR Community Info - Rooms/People/Rides/GroupReg (Partially Updated 12/26/12)

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I'm in for sure. Prereg is paid and room is booked.

Any word yet on the room block? I'd like to try and actually get into the block this year, rather than last where where they were all like "Uh, yeah, you're totally in the OCR block. Well, yeah, you're on a different floor from everyone else, and you don't even remotely know anyone near you, but you're totally in the block. Don't worry."

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Check the suite prices - I just know that they're not cheap. Also, if anyone goes that route, make sure there's ground rules set, since it's highly doubtful that that suite will sleep early, if at all (it's MAGFest after all).

This is an ideal and possibly unrealistic scenario but if we can get 8 people to sign up (at $30 each) And somehow split an executive suite (229+%16 tax per night+resort fees) That would put the entire cost for the event minus food and travel at:

170.77/person for all 4 days.

Sounds good to me.

Rather than fight over who gets the bed i think we should just let Kyzer and Jenner take it. They are probably the only two who would be ok with sleeping with each other at this point.

i just need a pad for the few days. I don't expect to get much sleep. I could deck out my car with a futon($14 a night) but then i would have to beg someone for a shower. I don't want to put you guys through that.

EDIT: Here are the suites. I haven't checked availability but it seems like the plan is doable. http://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylord-national/rooms-suites/suites/index.html

I strongly encourage someone else taking the lead for this as I don't have the credit to organize something like this right now. I can however get cash/paypal or whatever as soon as this plan comes together.

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Just got off the phone with gaylord.

I was quoted a rate of 281.54/night which includes taxes and fees.

Which ups the cost/person to 170.77/person for all 4 days IF we all split an executive. (4 adults, 4 "kids")

170.77=MAGfest reg + 4 nights in a room

The suite does have a king bed (2 people) with a pullout sofa (2 people) and the rest would be floor space. We also get two bottles of water in the room!

They still have executives open though due to the somewhat southern accent, i'm not sure how many. :?

http://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylord-national/rooms-suites/suites/index.html -Suite info

-Tour of Executive Suite

-Tour 2 of Executive Suite
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Potential Group Reg count:

1. Garpocalypse

2. Brandon

3. Abadoss

4. Theory of N

5. Kizyr

6. Jenner

7. Monobrow

8. Ari

That qualifies for the group as long as everyone shows.

How about we split on a suite of some sort? Keep the OCR peeps together. I'll bring a sleeping bag.

You left me out..

Also, it's probably best to keep registration and boarding separate.. Otherwise things will get exceptionally complicate.

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